sobota, 22. junij 2013

New in: Louis Vuitton

While I was in Vienna last summer around this time I also visited their Louis Vuitton Boutique and purchased a little something..well, two things actually.

This bag is pretty big for something little, don't you think? ;) 

First reveal:

Louis Vuitton Ikat Bandeau (similar here

What's hiding in the dustbag?

Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfull Tote in MM size (medium). I think this bag is a staple and a classic, and it's name is also true - you can fit your whole life inside and it's also very light weight so it's a perfect travel bag. The only problem I have with it is the recognizable logo which makes me hesitant to wear it sometimes, because there are just so many fakes around. And I also don't usually opt for fleshy logo type things so this purchase is one of those I'm constantly reconsidering.

The next thing from Louis Vuitton that I would like to purchase is a Speedy 30 with the additional shoulder strap, but in Damier Ebene canvas, which is not so flashy, but I'm still just thinking about it.

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