četrtek, 31. januar 2013

Ugly Kid Joe in Vienna

Another concert-themed post :)

I've been dreaming about seeing Ugly Kid Joe since forever but they were broken up until last year, when they decided it was about time to get back together, make some new music and play some gigs. They announced a few European dates and one of them seemed close enough - June 20th in Szene, Vienna in Austria.

Vienna is actually not that close, but it's a great city, because they host so many great concerts so we decided it was about time to visit it again. We went with a train from Ljubljana and this time I didn't forget the tickets for the train or the concert so that was the first good thing that happened that day. After the concert we stayed for the night and went back home the next day with the last train. Besides seeing UKJ for the first (and hopefully not last) time this was also the first time I used the Couchsurfing site which is very useful for when traveling on a budget and when you're trying to get to know some locals.

The outside of the concert club and the tour bus.

They had like a little garden outside which was very nice, because clubs can get really hot in the summer. So there were already quite a few people and I see someone familiar and I say: 'Isn't that Whit, the singer?' and my friend is like: 'What? No!'. But he was and I was brave enough to go to him and he signed my ticket and was kind enough to pose for a photo with me. <3

The concert was insane.. The place was filled and I was soaking wet after it.

 Signed ticket: 


I hope they come around this summer again..

There will be another post about the next day we spent in Vienna tomorrow, so check back.

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