ponedeljek, 07. januar 2013

Kenzo Tiger Sweater

I've been looking for one of these since the Fall/winter 2012 season, when everyone seemed to own one, but I didn't really like the green color, that was most popular.
Since it was such a hit Kenzo decided to recreate the Tiger Sweater for the spring/summer season 2013 again in two different versions - the cropped version with bigger embroidery like last year's and the longer one, with a smaller tiger that is more subtle and appropriate even for the office so nobody's staring at you. I was deciding between the navy and grey one and went with the blue, because it will probably get more wear, since my wardrobe is mostly dark.. Still, I can't get the grey one out of my mind, so I think it's on the wish list for next month.
They're still selling out like crazy, so if you want to get one, better hurry up!

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  1. So cool ! Bought one in green few weeks ago and I just adore it <3
    Col blog by the way !