petek, 07. december 2012

Mulberry reveal

I had no idea a Mulberry store is going to be at the airport when I will be leaving London so I got trapped in a temptation and had to buy something...

They always pack everything so nicely..

Ta-dam! It's a wallet.. I think the model is called a 'french purse' and I like it because it's not a large sized wallet but smaller and more convenient (for me at least).

The leather is really nice and it still smells wonderful. I've been using it non-stop since I bought it and so far it's not showing any wear yet. The only problem was when I used to throw my keys in the purse and they got some smaller marks on the wallet, but it was nothing a little Collonil gel couldn't fix. Also when I have longer nails I have to be a bit more careful, not to leave marks, but again, I just apply some more Collonil and the problem is solved.

Maybe I should also post some pics of how it looks today after more than half a year later with daily use.

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