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Hello and welcome to my blog, Memento Mori.

My name is Nadja and I'm a 25 year old lover of beauty, photography, fashion, music and other random bits and things. I live in Slovenia (Europe) and I love travelling so there is bound to be a post here and there also featuring some travelling tips. One of my main interests lately has been photography, but I also love sharing my latest shopping finds so you can expect to find everything from reviews, hauls, favourites, wishlists and different round ups here on my blog.

I'm constantly thinking of new and exciting things to write about and I love sharing my thoughts with so many like-minded people. I've met some amazing people through my little corner on the web and I can't thank you all enough for supporting me and my blog.

If you are a cosmetic, skin care, hair care brand, retailer or PR company that would want me to review your product or collaborate in any other way, you can contact me via email with your inquiry and/or any questions you might have. 

If you are a reader and would like to contact me for any reason at all, please don't hesitate to 
drop me an email, I will always get back to you.






 Thank you for stopping by!


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