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Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette

As soon as Norvina published the first photo of this Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette I was hooked. I don't tend to wear color all that much on my eyes, but I really like a pop of purple on the lower lash line (especially in the summer) since I feel like it brings out the color of my eyes. I ordered mine from their official European site and it arrived a week later.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette is currently being advertised as a limited edition product, but I feel like they're going to make it permament if it sells well or at least make the shades available for purchase individually. The palette contains 14 eyeshadows, half of which are matte (bottom row) and half are shimmers (top row). Each eyeshadow contains 0,71 g of product, which is a similar amount to their previous releases.
Overall, I really like the palette and although the color selection and the layout seems a bit all over the place it easily transitions from softer neutral to a bolder eye look, but will depend on your skintone. If I use a brush with harsher bristles there is quite some kick up, but if I use softer brushes with synthetic hairs that doesn't happen as much. All the shades blend really nicely without getting patchy and are super pigmented, so you only need to touch them lightly. The shimmery shades only look their best (almost wet and metallic) when you apply them with a fingertip or a dampened brush, but I like their 'softer' look when I use a regular dry brush too. There is very minimal or no fallout, but I also tend to do my eyes first, so it's not usually a problem for me. The palette's general vibe also isn't cool like you might assume from it being advertised as the 'purple palette' but contains a variety of warm, neutral and cooler shades. As usual, I only wore the eyeshadows over a primer and they all held up incredibly well even in this heat with no creasing or fading for an entire day. With the palette also comes a dual-sided brush, which is well made and really useful if you take the palette on the go and don't want to bring too many other brushes along.
The shimmery shades in the palette are:
Dreamer - lighter warm golden peachy shade with a softer creamy texture and a metallic finish. Looks lovely used as an innercorner highlight.
Summer - medium coppery gold with a softer creamy texture and a metallic finish.
Wild Child - light warm pink with a metallic finish. This one doesn't feel as creamy and also doesn't apply as pigmented as other shimmery shades.
Rose Gold - medium warm plummy shade with a metallic finish. This one also doesn't feel as creamy as the rest, but is still nicely pigmented.
Celestial  - medium warm purple, which looks brighter and not as muted as most of the other shades. It has a soft creamy finish and a metallic finish that can look duochrome.
Dazzling - warm bronze with a metallic finish and a soft creamy texture.
Drama - deeper warm plum with micro sparkles in a satin darker satin base. Compared to the other shades it is pressed quite firmly in the pan.

The matte shades in the palette are:
Base - medium warm beige with a satin finish and a soft velvety texture. 
Soul - muted medium cool purple with a satiny matte finish. The texture doesn't feel as soft in the pan but it still preforms well. It is a real beauty, very pigmented and easily blendable for being a purple shade.
Incense - medium warm brown with a matte finish and a soft velvety texture.
Love - medium warm pink with a satin finish and a velvety texture. I like to combine it with Soul on the lower lash line.
Volatile - dark cooler taupe with a matte finish and a velvety texture.
Eccentric - medium warm yellowy brown that feels more firmly pressed in the pan, but still performs really well.
Passion - deeper warm brownish plum with a matte finish and a soft velvety texture.
Swatches that don't really capture this beauty in the true light:

My favourite shades from the palette include: Dreamer, Summer, Base, Soul, Incense, Love and Volatile.
I've been reaching for this palette everyday since I got it and use it for creating softer smokey eyes with a shimmery lid and/or a pop of color on the lower lash line. I think the quality is on par with the other palettes the brand has put out in the past and I find their shimmery shades to be buttery soft, easy to work with and very pigmented, while the mattes also have a breautifully blendable and pigmented formula. If you're into this kind of a color story I can't see you not enjoying this palette if you decide to get it. It's already available at most retailers that usually sell Anastasia Beverly Hills products, like Sephora, Ulta and CultBeauty, as well as their official US and UK/Europe websites.

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