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Sephora and Drugstore Haul from Prague

I'm long overdue for this post after I went on a short, but sweet trip to Prague for a long weekend last month. There I had the most incredibly delicious ice-cream and also paid a visit to their Sephora, The Body Shop and dm, which had some items, I haven't spotted in our shops before, but have slowly made their way to us by now. 

First up - Sephora. Knowing I was going on this trip and that I was going to be close to Sephora at all times (very dangerous!) I made some mental notes about what items I wanted to try out and possibly purchase.  
Kat Von D recently came out with a couple new items and I wanted to try their brow pencil, eventhough I suspected it couldn't replace my well-loved ABH Brow Definer. I've tried it a couple times by now and really like it - stay tuned for an upcoming review.
I also kept seeing positive reviews for the new Too Faced collection of peach-inspired products and after sampling the foundation and primer decided to pick up both of them. 
I also made a slightly naughty purchase and picked up a summery Tom Ford Eau de Soleil Blanc EDT, which has quickly become my summer refreshing and citrusy go-to scent. I'm slowly but surely becoming a convert for his fragrances. 
I was surprised to see that Sephora was carrying the brand Belief and quickly picked up their Moisturizing Eye Bomb, since I've used up a sample and wanted to repurchase it. 
When I made a stop at their dm they already had the new Balea cleansing gel, which I've been meaning to pick up and haven't spotted it at any of our shops at that time. I haven't tried it out yet, but I think they kept the ingredients pretty much the same, only added some aloe. Another product that looked interesting to me was the Neutrogena Water Gel cleanser, which I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else before. 
I only wanted to stop by The Body Shop to check out and smell the new banana-scented collection but they had a great promotion going on, so I couldn't pass on the opportunity to get some goodies. I've been using their banana hair shampoo and conditioner for a couple months now and the moment I smelled the new banana body butter I loved it and also picked up the banana body joghurt and body wash. I've been using the body joghurt and really enjoy the lighter texture, how nicely moisturizing it is and really like the scent (I only find it to not have much of a staying power, which is a shame). 
Since purchasing these items, I've tried most of them already and mainly have positive impressions so far. I'm only not too sure about the Too Faced primer, but that could be because I'm not a big primer person anyway. 
Have you tried any of the mentioned products before or would like to see me review any one of them soon? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Same krasne stvari :) Sploh Tom Ford parfum mi zveni zelo zanimiv. TBS banana je pa zelo addictive vonj. Sploh nisem neki fan vonja po bananah, ampak tale mi je pa krasen :)

    1. Hvala! TF parfumi so res top, ko boš imela možnost zelo priporočam, da kakšnega preizkusiš :)
      TBS bananin vonj je res njami. Sem vesela, da imajo končno tudi fizično trgovino pri nas, da lahko v živo prečekiramo vonje :)