sreda, 27. junij 2018

Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Essence

Innisfree is a Korean skincare brand which often uses ingredients from the Jeju Island. This line consists of several products containing Jeju Seawater and I've been testing the essence for quite a while now.

The Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Essence comes in a plastic blue bottle with a cap and a pump which is easily controled to get the amount of product you want - be it a small drop or a full pump. There is 50 ml of product inside. The essence itself feels like a very lightweight serum and has a watery light cream consistency. It is white in colour, spreads easily on the skin and has a lovely refreshing scent that is not too strong. As the product dries on the skin it leaves a slight satin sheen behind and generally works to add hydration and softness to the skin. It sinks in pretty quickly and doesn't leave behind a sticky feeling. It noticeably moisturizes and plumps the skin and prepares it for further more nourishing steps. When I use it I never end up with any dry patches on the skin. I like it enough to use it both mornings and nights, and now in the summer I combine it with another hydrating lightweight layer, which keeps my skin moisturized but still don't make it a greasy mess. I tend to use one pump (or less), which is enough to cover my entire face. I don't notice it making my oily skin any worse and it generally works well with my skin and doesn't cause me any irritations.
Closer look at the pump dispenser:
This whole line is described to be anti-aging, but I haven't noticed it to have any firming effects (maybe I'm still too young?), other than being moisturizing and smoothing. Considering the price one might expect more from it, but I still quite like it. If you're looking for a miracle product you could end up being dissappointed by it, but I don't mind layering my products and coming up with my own skincare-cocktails.
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  1. Tega sem že želela preizkusiti. Moram najprej naročiti mini testerje. Meni je načeloma vse všeč, kar vsebuje besedo sea :D. Po tvojem opisu se sliši super. Sploh za poletje, ko rabimo nekaj bolj lahkotnega. Sicer sem zdaj naročila Hada Labo losijon in bom zaenkrat preizkušala tega :).

    1. Pomoje bi ti bil všeč, ima lahko teksturo in prijeten vonj, idealno za poletje :)
      Hada Labo izdelki zanimajo tudi mene. Imam že pripravljeno wish-listo za par stvari, ampak moram najprej kak drug izdelek porabiti do konca. Bom z veseljem prebrala tvojo objavo, ko dobiš in stestiraš :).