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CATRICE HD Liquid Coverage Precision Concealer in 010 Light Beige

The Liquid Camouflage Concealer by Catrice is a long favourite of mine and the post where I compare the three shades that were available at first is still one of the most read posts on this blog. Catrice tends to create really nice base liquid products so I was excited to try out their new HD Liquid Coverage Precision Concealer.
The HD Liquid Coverage Precision Concealer comes in a slim tube and contains 2,5 ml of product. It has a thin silicone tip as the applicator which tends to carry a sufficient amount of product for more than just one application. I actually really like this style of an applicator because it's very precise and I tend to keep the tube with me on the go and in my work bag and use it to top up product on any spots where concealer or foundation rubbed off or needs more coverage.
The formula is a thicker liquid and seems very similar to the formula of their Liquid Camouflage concealer, but still thinner than the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer or Shape Tape by TARTE. I apply it with the applicator and tap with my fingertip or use a brush to blend it in and then set it with powder as usual. It blends out easily and has a natural matte finish when it sets. I don't use it on my undereyes but like it for spots and it tends to last pretty well (8+ hours). The coverage isn't full and with spots I almost always have to use two thin layers of it.
I have the lightest shade in 010 Light Beige, which is darker than the Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer in 005 Light Natural and lighter than their shade in 010 Porcellain.
Shade comparison:
I really like having this product with me on the go for doing any corrections during the day. It covers blemishes pretty well (as long as you have time to apply and blend out two layers) and the tip is precise enough so you can use it to correct any small smudges too - like mascara marks or lining the lips to make them look more crisp.
Available in drugstores where the brand Catrice is sold.
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