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Empty Products #30

Today I have another empties post ready to share and at the same time I'm finding it hard to believe that I've managed to write 30 such posts already.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Fiber Therapy Bonding Express-Repair-Conditioner – this was a lovely leave-in conditioner that made my hair feel softer, smoother, detangled and easier to comb through. I always keep one of these in my stash and I've already repurchased.
Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Ultimate Resist Conditioner - when in doubt I always buy a shampoo or conditioner from this hair line at the drugstore and I liked this one too. It lasted me a really long time, smelled nice, made my hair feel softer and less tangled. I might not repurchase this exact one, but will definitely buy more products from the brand in general.
Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 Texturizes. Amplifies. Refreshes. - I'm pretty 'meh' about most hair texturizers and dry shampoos, but this one convinced me to repurchase it. It works great as an all-in-one texurizer, volumizer and refreshing spray and on top of all that it smells incredibly delicious, very feminine with a touch of powderiness. I've already repurchased. 
Weleda Skin Food – I've used up a couple of these creams before and love how nourishing and rich it is. The smell is herbal and calming and the formula is rich and it's my go to hand cream in colder winter months. I'll repurchase. 
Nivea Multi-purpose Cream – this is a classic that I'm sure everyone came across and used at one point in their lives. I kept this small tin around and used it as a nourishing hand cream or for any dry patches on the skin. It's on the heavier side and needs some time to completely sink in and not leave greasy residue everywhere. I'll repurchase in the future, but want to use up my Balea multipurpose creams that come in similar small tin packaging first, which are also lighter in texture. 
The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Sublime Nourishing Body Butter – for some reason argan oil always smelled a bit rancid to me, but this body butter had delicious sweet & nutty notes that made it a pleasure to use. The texture is one of my favourites when it comes to body products – creamy, rich and sinks into the skin fast, while it would leave the skin feeling soft and nourished. Now that the brand is finally easily available here in Slovenia, I've already bought a couple different fragranced body butters from them and will definitely also get another Wild Argain Oil one in the future. 
Alverde Deo-sprays in Lime/Sage & Mint - I loved both of these and when used on top of a stick deo they seemed to work really well at keeping bo at bay. I liked the smell of the lime/sage a little more, since it was a tiny bit more refreshing and I've already repurchased.
Etude House Lip & Eye Remover - this was a very solid dual-phased makeup remover, which worked with ease to remove makeup from the eyes and even the most budge proof formulas from the lips. For waterproof mascara it worked ok, but usually needed more time and also left a tiny bit of black marks still on my lashes. I'm currently using another similar product from the same brand which I like just as much, but I probably won't repurchase this one, since I get the same efficiency from just using a cleansing oil. 
First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads (travel pack + full sized jar)  - these are toning, exfoliating and brightening pads that are really gentle for the skin. I've been using them on and off for a couple years and generally always come back, because they make a difference in the appearance of my skin. I'm currently trying out a similar product from a different brand, but have repurchased them several times in the past. 
Afrodita Cosmetics 4D Collagen Lifting Effect Eye Cream – I was expecting more from this product, but it was just a basic hydrating eyecream. It didn't leave the eye area greasy or tacky and concealer applied smoothly over it. I wouldn't repurchase. 
Jason Purifying Tea Tree Skin Oil – I've had this small bottle for what seemed like forever and reached for it to apply tea tree oil to any blemishes, musquito bites, etc, and it helped calm down irritations. I've already repurchased since I use it so much, but bought it from a different brand.
First Aid Beauty Vitamin Hydrating Mist – this was a really lovely refreshing facial mist. I mainly used it during the day when my skin would start feeling a little dry from the central heating or when I just felt like I needed some refreshment. The scent was pleasant and calming and the noozle was pretty much perfect and dispensed a lovely light mist, so I'll definitely be keeping and reusing the packaging, but there was nothing special about the mist that would make me want to repurchase. 
Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream – another staple in my skincare routine. I've used up a couple of these before and the product is simple but really delivers – it helps heal any leftover blemish marks, calms down redness and keeps the skin hydrated. I've already repurchased. 
Caudalie Huile Divine/Divine Oil for Body, Face, Hair – I liked the effects of this oil and mainly used it on my face. The texture felt thicker than the Multi-Purpose oil from Nuxe that I've used in the past and it was also a lot more fragranced. It felt nourishing and plumping for my skin, but it didn't convience me to buy the full size. 
Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil – this sample had enough product for 5 uses and it was a really nice oil I used in my night-time routine. I was expecting it to be a bit thicker in consistency, but it still delivered a lot of moisture and nourishment to my skin. I noticed that dry patches were reduced and the skin had a lovely glow by the next morning. I think some other brands offer a similar product for a lower price, so I would look to them if I wanted to really give argan oil a try, and not splurge on this particular one. 
COSRX Holy Moly Snail Mask – I've mentioned these sheet masks from COSRX before and quite like them. They're made out of slightly thicker material and contain plenty of essence, which dries slightly sticky on the skin, so I would only use it in the night time. I can wear it for about 40 minutes before it gets dry. I'll repurchase. 
My Scheming Snail Essence Hydrating Mask – this was a very nice hydrating sheet mask. While the mask wasn't the best fit, the essence was lovely, on the thinner serum watery side and really hydrating and plumping. There was plenty of essence left in the packaging for me to use the next night. Would repurchase.
Dr. Jart + Vital Hydra Solution Deep Hydration Sheet Mask – this mask really delivers on the hydration claim. It is made out of very thin material and comes with a lot of essence that can be used up in the following days (it's on the thinner, watery side). The essence smells really nice and fresh, and leaves the skin slightly tacky to the touch. I had some serious dry patches and they were mostly gone after I've used this mask. I have more to use up and I'm already considering repurchasing them.
Balea Vital Tuchmaske – I've seen this one being mentioned by a couple slovenian bloggers before so I wanted to give it a try. The sheet mask is made out of thicker material and has a thicker creamy essence. I didn't find it to be particularly impressive, just noticed some hydrating effects. I might pick it up again when I'm wondering in the dm aisles. 
Afrodita Why Mask 4D Collagen Sleeping Mask – I've mainly used sheet masks for hydration lately, but was intrigued by this one at the store, so I decided to try it out. The packaging has two pouches and each contains plenty of product, for 2-3 uses. The mask had a lovely creamy texture and a pleasant scent that wasn't too strong. I applied it as the last step in my night-time skincare routine and it seemed like a nice sealer for all other products. When I washed my face in the morning it was noticeably smoother and softer to the touch and also looked more hydrated. I'll be repurchaing and using again.
Balea Augen Konzentrat mit Grüner-tee-extract (Eye concentrate with Green tea extract) - these ampules for the eye area looked promising in the store, but I haven't noticed them having any serious effects in making my eye area more plump and hydrated. Each ampule contains enough product for two applications and I really disliked the very silicone-heavy formula, which only made the area look drier once I washed it off in the morning. It didn't irritate my eyes at least. I wouldn't repurchase.
Sulwhasoo Snowise Ex Cleansing Foam – this was one of the loveliest cleansers I've tried so far. I loved how it turned into soft cushiony foam, its foresty ginseng fragrance and how it made my skin feel really smooth and clean without making it feel dry or sensitized. I will likely buy a full size soon. 
CLIO Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner & Topshop Magic Liner in Engraved – both of them dried up and it was about time I got rid of them. The Clio liner had a very precise brush tip, while the Topshop one had a felt tip liner. I liked the Clio one better, because it was more pigmented, lasted longer on the eyes and it is also the one I will repurchase (but might go with the brown one this time instead of black). 
Have you tried any of the mentioned products before?

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