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Catrice Californa In A Box Bronzer & Blush Palette - 010 Malibu Beach Collection

You could say that I have a thing for California and as soon as I saw this blush & bronzer palette I had my eyes set on it. At first glance it really has a Californian vibe to it – the warmth of bronzers and the glowy peachy/coral blush trully make me think of the warmer months and if I can't be in California right now, at least my mind can escape there when I'm getting ready in the morning. 

The Catrice Californa In A Box Bronzer & Blush Palette in 010 Malibu Beach Collection comes in a plastic case with a transparent lid. It seems sturdy enough, compact and well made. There is 15 g of product in total and the palette features 2 blushes, 2 bronzing powders and one highlighter or 'special effect top coat' as they've called it. The sizes of the pans are big enough to fit my brushes and I was actually surprised by the pan size of the highlighter – I don't think I'll ever use up that amount. 
The powders feel soft and slightly drier to the touch than what I'm used to from the brand, and also tend to kick up quite some powder when I go in with a brush (they seem to be pressed pretty hard), except for the highlighter which feels slightly smoother and creamier in the pan. I really like the warm undertones and the coloring of the palette in general. 
The first blush is a shimmery peachy coral, which immediately reminded me of a mix between NARS' Orgasm and Benefit's Coralista (both of which are two favourites of mine), but it translates as darker and more coral on the cheeks. It contains fine shimmery particles which add a beautiful golden glow and luminosity to the cheeks, making it almost redundant to apply any highlighter on top. I would almost prefer if the shimmer was even more finelly milled.  
The second blush is a matte warm pinker coral. Both blushes are nicely pigmented, blend out smoothly without looking patchy and tend to last fairly well on my skin . I get 8 + hours of wear, without them fading too noticeably (I apply them over foundation which I set with powder). 
Both bronzing shades are matte and on the warm side, the lighter one has a more yellow undertone, while the darker one has a reddish undertone. I can use the lighter shade carefully with a light hand and I imagine anyone lighter than me isn't going to get much use out of the shades. They would be much better suited for someone with a more medium skin tone. I also tested these on the eyes and found them to last well over a primer (they seem to last all day without creasing or noticeable fading). 
Besides the shimmery blush, my favourite part is probably the golden champagne highlighter, which is light enough for me and also neutral enough that it doesn't look silver or too gold on my skin. Again, the shimmery bits could be a tiny bit smaller, because I sometimes feel like I spot some glitters as I'm applying it, but with some blending they don't seem too noticeable on the skin. It also has a decent staying power and I like using it in the inner corners of my eyes, to bring some light to that area.
Ingredients (*note that some of these powders contain mineral oil, which can clog pores, but I don't have any issues with it personally):
Although the two blush shades seem quite different in the pans they don't like that different once they're applied to the cheeks:

Overall I do really like this palette, but it will probably get more use in the warmer months if I happen to get some tan and it would generally work better for someone with a more medium complexion. The quality isn't just as good as with some of their single paned blushes I've tried in the past, but I still find that it works well and I also really like the overall color scheme. I would recommend swatching in store before you decide.
The palette is part of the new Catrice collection for the spring and summer which you can already find on stands. If you're looking for more similar palettes from the brand, they also came out with three others – Light In A Box (highlighter palette, which I need to check out in store), Galaxy In A Box (holographic highlighter palette) and Filter In A Box (photo perfect finish). 

*PR Sample

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