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Catrice Camouflage Cream 'Wake Up Effect' (Peachy-pink Colour Corrector)

Much like using primers, colour correcting always seemed like an unnecessary extra step to me, so I never payed much attention to it, until Catrice came out with this single pots of Camouflage Creams in different shades targeting issues like dark under eye circles, redness and dull skin, which meant products like this became more readily available at our drugstores as well.

Catrice Camouflage Cream 'Wake Up Effect' comes in a small black plastic pot with a transparent screw-on lid, so you can see the shade of the color corrector inside and contains 3 g of product. The brand used the same kind of packaging as for their Camouflage Concealers which are also creamy and nicely pigmented. Their range of colour correctors includes this peachy-pink for neutralizing blue and purple tones in the under eye are and brightening, a green one for neutralizing redness and a yellow one for dull, greyish skin. 
Like their potted concealers, this formula is very creamy and emollient, blendable and pigmented to the point that it neutralizes and brightens in a single step without using a separate concealer, especially if I'm going for a natural look (that would work for anyone with a lighter skin tone, but could turn ashy on anyone deeper). Combined with a concealer it does a great job at completely neutralizing the blue tones under my eyes and acts as a great brightener. Often I have to use two lighter layers of concealer if I want to completely cover my under eyes, but with this product I only have to use a tiny bit. Since this product is so nicely pigmented you have to make sure to only apply a tiny bit, otherwise it can look heavy or patchy (especially after being topped off with concealer) and start settling into fine lines which only makes the situation worse. My preferred way of applying it is with fingers since I feel like the warmth of the skin helps to melt the formula and blend it into a more seamless finish. After application it dries with a mostly matte finish. I set it with a very light amount of powder which prevents it from creasing and makes it last on the skin longer without moving or disappearing. 

bare skin // thin layer of Catrice Camouflage Cream 'Wake Up Effect' // topped with concealer and set with powder
If you feel like trying out a simple but effective color correcting product this one from Catrice seems like a great place to start. I'm intrigued with the pigmentation of the formula and the brightening effect it has, so I really want to try their green version as well, to see if it can neutralize and correct redness from blemishes just as well.
Have you tried any color correcting products in the past?
Catrice Camouflage Cream 'Wake Up Effect' is available here online.

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  1. Tega tudi jaz rada uporabljam za pod očmi. Res lepo nevtralizira, čeprav se mi je tudi kot tebi, vedno zdel samo še en korak več. Ampak učinek je viden. :)

    1. Meni se zdi tudi kar uporaben in spodoben za takšno ceno. Sem med vikendom res vzela še zelenega in bo verjetno večkrat v uporabi, ker mam s prekrivanjem rdečih madežev večje probleme kot s temnimi podočnjaki. :)