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Colourpop Yes, Please! Pressed Powder Shadow Palette

I finally picked up my first couple of Colourpop products over the summer and so far I'm really happy with everything I got. One of their most covetable releases from the past summer was the Yes, Please! Pressed Powder Shadow Palette, which I'll be reviewing in this post. 
The Colourpop Yes, Please! Pressed Powder Shadow Palette comes in thin and sturdy greyish/white cardboard packaging, which also comes with a bright yellow sleeve. There are 12 pressed powder eyeshadows inside and their names are stated on both, the back of the palette as well as the sleeve it comes with. Each eyeshadow has 0,85 g of product, in total 10,2 g.

The eyeshadows included all lean on the warm side, which is exactly what I was looking for before I decided to purchase it. I find the quality of all shades very nice, especially for the price. All eyeshadows are very well and richly pigmented, they blend and build easily without looking patchy and work together perfectly. The mattes tend to kick up a bit of powder when I go in with a brush, but I don't notice a lot of fallout, except with bolder shades like Spoiled and French Kiss (which is the only shade that needs to be build up slowly or it can start looking a bit patchy, and I also sometimes end up with a fleck or two of sparkle somewhere on my cheeks when I use Butter Cake). I've tried these eyeshadows over different bases and find them to last best with an eyeshadow primer underneath. Compared to some of my more expensive eyeshadows in palettes, these are definitely up there with the best regarding their pigmentation, but through extended and repeated wear I've found them to lack a bit in the lasting department. Even worn over a primer I often notice creasing at the end of the day, which never happens with eyeshadow from Anastasia Beverly Hills, as well as some fading, but that's not keeping me away from using the palette. I also like the balance between the mattes and shimmers/metallics in this palette (8 mattes, 4 shimmers).

The palette includes the following warm leaning shades:
Full-Zip: ivory with a matte finish
Big Cocktails: orange with a matte finish
Champs: light peachy nude with a matte finish
Bling: rust with a metallic finish
Louie: duochrome red-gold with a metallic finish
Butter Cake: light yellow gold with a metallic finish
Spoiled: brick red with a matte finish
Gno: burnt orange with a matte finish
Mischief: yellow with a matte finish
Note to Self: caramel with a matte finish
Chauffeur: metallic duochrome bright orange-gold with a metallic finish
French Kiss: medium chocolate brown with a matte finish

My favourite shades from the palette include: Full Zip, Butter Cake, Spoiled, GNO and Note to Self. This is a great palette for creating simple everyday looks, as well as adding a pop of something brighter for a night out or a special occasion, as long as you like wearing warm shadows. I really like their formulation, pigmentation, blendability and warmness and would highly recommend this palette to anyone thinking about getting it. One thing that sometimes slightly bothers me about it, is the fact that it doesn't come with a mirror. This palette constantly goes out of stock, so I'm really happy I got mine during one of their restocks. Looking through their website, they have a couple other palettes right now that are calling my name and I would really like to add to my collection. 

Applied to the eyes:
Look 1 - Full Zip, Champs, Spoiled, Note to Self, French Kiss, Tarte Tarteist Mascara,
Look 2 - Full Zip, Spoiled, GNO, Mischief, Note to Self, Tarte Tarteist Mascara,
Look 3 - Full Zip, Big Cocktails, Champs, Bling, Butter Cake, French Kiss, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in DemolitionTarte Tarteist Mascara.
Have you tried any of their eyeshadows or eyeshadow palettes before? Let me know in the comments which products are your favourite from the brand.
The Colourpop Yes, Please! Pressed Powder Shadow Palette is available from the brand's online store here and a select range of their products is also available from Sephora.

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  1. Jaz sem si jo tudi končno privoščila. Nabor odtenkov je čisto po mojem okusu :). Prej sem kupila samo nekaj individualnih senčil od njih in me paleta tudi ni razočarala. Sicer je še nisem veliko preizkusila, ampak meni je pigmentacija res všeč za to ceno.
    Najprej mi je oči padel odtenek Louie, ker je neka zanimiva kombinacija rdeče in oranžne. Jaz pravim temu odtenki grenivka :D.
    Katere palete imaš še na wishlisti? Jaz sem si kupila še She paleto - bolj topli mauve odtenki. Me pa še vedno zelo mika All I See Is Magic.

    1. Sem vidla tvoj instastory, da si jo prejela zadnjič. :) Za takšno ceno in kvaliteto sploh nimajo resne konkurence.
      Meni so všeč še Summer Solstice (4 super shock senčke), tista nova od Kathleen Lights, Double Entendre, .. Če so topli odtenki notri, me takoj pritegne, tudi če že imam kaj podobnega doma. :)