sreda, 30. avgust 2017

August Favourites

I haven't shared a monthly favourites post with you in a couple months so I'm well overdue for posting one. I've added quite a few new items to my collection in the past two months and through testing discovered some new favourites, while also staying loyal to some older products that I've been using for several months.

First up - Colourpop. I finally ordered a couple products last month and have been totally in love with the warm-hued eyeshadow palette 'Yes Please' and their 'Brink' matte Lippie Stix. The eyeshadows are really well pigmented, last all day on my lids and blend well. The only negative is the fact that the packaging is white and has been getting dirty if I'm not being careful. I posted swatches and more thoughts on both products in this post.
One older favourite is the BIORÉ UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel SPF 50+ PA++++. I love using it year round and it is my go-to facial sunscreen, whether I plan on applying makeup on top or not. It is lightweight, non greasy and provides a sufficient amount of sun protection as far as everyday wear goes. I highly recommend it, if you're still looking for a good sunscreen (I'm using the 2015 formulation not the latest one).
Another newly discovered product is the L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara which has been getting a lot of buzz online. When I tried it for the first time I felt kind of meh about it, but it has quickly replaced a different high end mascara I was using. With mascaras I'm looking for a balanced ratio of length, volume and separation and this one mainly delivers on the last two claims and two coats make my lashes look really voluminous. I'll try to get a full review up soon, so you can see for yourself.
I also picked up another slightly darker shade of the Tarte Shape Tape concealer in Fair Neutral, so I can finally use it (the one before was too light most of the year for my skintone). It is a really great product, super pigmented, lasts well and works both on the under eyes and blemishes. They have a really nice selection of shades which should make it easy for most to find their match.
I've recently repurchased the Laura Mercier Loose Translucent setting powder, which has become a favourite since the first couple uses. It smoothes the complexion giving it a velvety finish, works as an under eye setting powder and also helps with controlling oiliness in my skin. Total love!
I finally tried the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer and it's really great. First of all it smells incredible, like a tropical vacation, while the shade is a good match for my skin tone and the formula blends out evenly and lasts well on the skin.
For body care I've been loving The Body Shop's Virgin Mojito Body Butter, which is a perfect refreshing summery scent and the rich formula, despite its creaminess and nourishment, sinks into the skin fast and isn't greasy or sticky. Another product I've been loving, but didn't include on the photos is Lush's Scrubee Body Butter/Scrub bar. I believe they came out with it this spring and it's a great exfoliating and nourishing treatment for the skin in one. The scrubby bits do a great job at removing dry patches and smoothing out the skin and the other side helps to add a nourishing layer of butter onto the skin. It is a bit messy to use, but makes the clean-up worth it (as well as making the whole bathroom smell like honey, cocoa and shea butter, yumm).
What are some products that you've been loving recently?

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  1. To L'Oreal maskaro bi rada preizkusila že zaradi tega hypa. Glede na tvoj opis me spominja na Maybelline Lash Sensational, ki je moja HG. Mogoče celo pride v Slovenijo naslednje leto :D (ah ja..).

    Butter Bronzer je tudi med mojimi favoriti. Ne morem verjeti, da že vidim dno. Res ga uporabljam vsak dan in mi je čudovit finiš + odtenek. :)

    1. L'Oreal maskara mi je bila na začetku ok, potem mi je pa z uporabo precej prirasla k srcu in jo redno uporabljam. Ima zelo dobro obstojnost in tudi mene spominja na Maybelline Lash Sensational. Verjetno si bom kupila back-up :)

      Butter Bronzer je super, me je tvoja ocena prepričala v nakup :)

  2. Biore Gel sem tudi sama kupila zdaj, isto kot ti 2015 verzijo in ne opazim čisto nobene razlike med tem in Watery Essence, vsaj kar se tiče občutka na koži. Oba sta odlična, edino kar je gel bel in essenca rumenkasta. Super so te azijske sončne kreme, Biore sem začela raziskovat ravno zaradi tvojega priporočila :).

    Meni pa tale Lash Paradise ni nič posebnega. Seveda je dobra, to ni za zanikat, trepalnice naredi čudovite, ampak mi več kot pol cenejša maskara od Essence naredi zelo podobne trepalnice, morda še malo daljše. Mi je pa tvoja tuba neprimerljivo lepša od moje evropske.

    1. Imam Biore Watery Essence doma in bom preiskusila ko porabim Watery Gel. Mislim da je bila na redditu objavljena primerjava obeh, kjer so tisti z bolj mastno kožo imeli raje gel, zato sem se odločila da najprej preiskusim tega in ne obžalujem odločitve :)
      Ameriška tuba L'Oreal maskare je res lepša, meni je bila na začetku ok, zdaj pa brez razmišljanja posegam po njej načeloma skoraj vsak dan :)