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Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in 110 Fair (Clair)

I don't even remember how many Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealers I've used up so far, so it's about time I finally posted a full review.
The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer comes in a convenient tube with a sponge applicator. You need to turn the collar (red part of the concealer tube) for the concealer to become visible on the sponge and also keep turning it before each use (1-2 clicks) to keep the sponge saturated with product. I really like the sponge because it not only dispenses the product but is also really soft and helps to blend it out a bit. There is 6 ml of product inside, which is pretty standard for concealers. The packaging can get dirty easily so I try to remember to wipe off the cap with an anti-bacterial tissue every once in awhile. This concealer is formulated with haloxyl, which is supposed to instantly cover the appearance of dark circles, diminish puffiness and fine lines,for a radiant and refreshed look.
There are six shades available and I've been using the lightest one in Fair. It is a pretty good match for my skin tone and I could use it all over my skin, not just under the eyes. Actually, it could even be a pinch lighter for more of a brightening effect. My main concern with under eyes are blue veins which can sometimes be hard to cover completely and i often have to use at least two layers of concealer to get wanted coverage. With this one I apply one coat and after I blend it out I often apply just a tiny bit more in the area that looks the darkest, if I want to cover it completely. The coverage is medium buildable and has a very natural seamless finish on the skin. The texture is lightweight and for such light formula the coverage is surprisingly nice. It doesn't settle into or accentuate fine lines, but I have been noticing some creasing after a long day of wear. I always set it with powder but it still keeps it's brightening and natural looking effect and it also helps it stay in place for longer (easily 8 hours or more). One thing that bothers me about this concealer is only the fact that once you're getting close to finishing it you can't actually get the whole amount of product out of the packaging.
Closer look at the applicator/sponge:

Applied to the skin - before/after (I didn't set it with powder in the after photo so you can see the finish it leaves on the skin; you can see that it covers sunspots and freckles pretty well):
Comparison swatches:
Available online here (US) or here.

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  1. Zagotovo eden izmed najboljših korektorjev :) Tudi jaz sem že jih porabila nekaj, ga imam pa tudi v odtenku Fair. Si pa že dolgo želim, da bi imeli kakšen še svetlejši odtenek, ker meni je malenkost pretemen.

    1. Tudi meni je Fair občasno pretemen, ampak nekako še vedno izgleda ok, ko za zabrišem. Me zanima če bi bila odtenka Brightener ali Neutralizer tudi ok za svetle polti.