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Makeup Geek Eyeshadows: Peach Smoothie, Cocoa Bear and Grandstand + Small Z-palette review

Before Morphe's reign on Youtube, Makeup Geek eyeshadows were probably the most talked about single eyeshadows (besides MAC probably) and I was curious to try out a couple and see if they were actually well done.
Makeup Geek Single Eyeshadows come in small round metal pans and contain 1,8 g of product. The way they package them (inserted in a thicker paper pouch) implies that you're going to have to store them in a magnetized palette, so when I bought them I also ordered a small Z-Palette to keep them safe from breaking easily. The eyeshadows come in a range of different colors, shades and finishes and I first wanted to try their mattes and foiled eyeshadows. 
The two mattes (Peach Smoothie and Cocoa Bear) feel a tiny bit dry in the pan and not as buttery soft, as I've gotten used to from using other eyeshadow brands, but they're very nicely pigmented and don't require a lot of building (they're not as pigmented and blendable as some Kat Von D or Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows that I own though). There is quite some kick up in the pan, especially when I use a fluffy blending brush, but as long as I tap the brush slightly before applying the eyeshadow to the eyes, there isn't too much fallout - I tend to apply eye makeup first anyway, so that is not a big problem for me. They both apply and blend well, without getting patchy or disappearing from the eyes. I always use an eyeshadow primer with them and never have any problems with they longevity, fading or creasing, on the lids. Both shades are lovely warm-toned summery colors: Peach Smoothie is a medium peachy shade and Cocoa Bear is a deep reddish brown.
The other eyeshadow, Grandstand, has a foiled/metallic finish and is much smoother to the touch. It is a warm coppery brown that can also look slightly golden or rose-gold depending on the light. This one doesn't have any fallout or powder kick-up, is very pigmented with one swipe and also lasts well applied over a primer. If I apply it with a damp brush or finger it looks super sparkly and pretty. I would say these are good quality eyeshadows and are reasonably priced, but I'm more used to using eyeshadow palettes and would only purchase more single eyeshadows if I was looking for a unique shade I couldn't find otherwise. 
The Small Z-Palette can fit 9 Makeup Geek eyeshadows (or MAC) or other products in pans - I've depotted a bulky Benefit palette filled with blushes I was never using and I can fit 4 of those pans inside. I like the concept of these palettes but think they're pretty overpriced. The small palette's outside measurements are 10 x 10 x 1,5 cm and  9 x 9 cm on the inside. It is quite handy for travelling if you have a lot of products in pans and don't want to take separate eyeshadow/blush palettes with you. It can get pretty dirty from kick up of using different powder products, so I like to wipe it with an antibacterial tissue every once in awhile.
Applied to the eyes (in person they are all a bit more vibrant (especially grandstand) than on the photos):
Makeup Geek eyeshadows are available from their official website and from Beauty Bay.

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  1. Izbrala si čudovite odtenke. Kar vse tri bi imela :D. Sem enkrat želela naročit ta senčila, pa so bila kar vsa razprodana na Beauty Bayu, ali pa vsaj niso imeli še zaloge. Vidim, da je zdaj dokaj dobro založeno. Mogoče kakšne preizkusim, čeprav kot praviš se je hype malo polegel :).

    Jaz rada kupujem enojna senčila samo, če si želim nekaj drugačnega kar še nimam. :)

    1. Tudi meni se zdi nakup enojnih senčil smiseln predvsem kadar gre za bolj edinstvene odtenke ali pa če želiš sestaviti svojo mini paletko za potovanja itd.
      Formulo imajo res dobro, ampak ne vem če bom kmalu še kaj naročala, ker bi itak kupila samo podobne odtenke, ki jih ima npr. ABH Modern Renaissance paletka. :)