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Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil Waterproof 12hr Wear (14 Cocoa, 15 Flirting Game & 21 Fairytale)

I love trying new eyeliner formulas so I wasn't holding back on getting a couple new ones on one of my trips to Sephora. Their house brand offers a surprisingly large amount of products that rarely get mentioned, despite the fact that they often offer really solid makeup items.

The Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencils come in a variety of shades and three different finishes: glitter, matte and shimmer. They are standard pencil shaped liners that need to be sharpened and contain 1,2 g of product. The formula is super creamy, smooth like butter and glides on the lids without any tugging. Because they are so creamy the tip wears off faster than I'm used to and they also need to be sharpened more often (I use a dual sided sharpener from Essence and it works perfectly well). These eyeliners are supposed to be waterproof and promise 12 hours of wear, without smudging. The glittery shade also has a warning on the pencil to not use it on the waterline.
The shades that I have are: 14 Cocoa (rich chocolate brown with shimmer), 15 Flirting Game (taupe with shimmer) and 21 Fairytale (mermaid-y green shade with golden and silver glitter). They have opaque pigmentation with one swipe and last really well on the eyes, without smudging, disappearing or bleeding. Because the tip is so soft these are not the most precise and are better for creating slightly thicker lines – you need to work fast because they set pretty quickly (within a minute) and then don't move anywhere until I remove them with a makeup remover later in the day. They come off pretty easily with a usual cleansing balm or separate eye makeup remover. I love using the shade Cocoa to tightline and I appreciate the fact that it doesn’t transfer or bleed unto the waterline or inner corner of the eye. Both Cocoa and Flirting Game are perfect everyday shades for defining the lash line, while Fairytale is a lovely summery pop of colour that would look even prettier for anyone with brown eyes (on me it doesn't apply as bright as it swatches and I sometimes find an odd glitter that has migrated to somewhere else on my face).  
Applied to the eyes:
Comparison swatches: 
I really like all three shades, but my favourite has to be Cocoa. The pigmentation and smoothness of the formula is impressive and the lasting power is also great (certainly for over 10 hours and they stay put through humidity and hot weather).
They are available here online.

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