petek, 30. junij 2017

L'Occitane 10% Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Scrub

L'Occitane's classic and clean shea butter scents is one of my favourites. I haven't been too happy with any scrubs I've tried recently so I decided to splurge on the Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Scrub to see if it was worth the money.
The product comes in a plastic jar with a screw off top and contains 200 ml of product, but it's size makes it seem like there would be even more product inside. The scrub itself smells like the rest of the shea butter products from the brand (clean, creamy and comforting) and is formulated with a creamy base, which is enriched with 10% shea butter and apricot oil to nourish the skin. The scrub particles inside this base are ground nutshells, which exfoliate the skin in a gentle but effective way and don't melt as you're massaging them onto the skin. They are about medium sized – for the body I usually prefer harsher and 'scrubbier' scrubs, especially for my legs and this one does the job well, but I would still like to see them be even denser.
If you're familiar with epilation (or waxing) you know that it can initially leave your skin super smooth, but often results in causing ingrown hairs and small bumps, where exfoliation and using moisturizing treatments is key to keep the skin smooth. The nourishing creamy base of this scrub leaves the skin soft, but doesn't leave an annoying oily or greasy layer behind on the skin, which I greatly appreciate in the summer time. At the same time it also feels nourishing enough that I don't have to use another body lotion/butter after using it. I also like applying it before self tanning on parts with drier rougher skin, like elbows and knees, or even heels before doing a pedicure. It is really effective, nourishing and soothing at the same time, although I certainly would prefer it if the price was a little lower and wouldn't mind if the particles were even a bit larger. 

Available at L'Occitane shops and here or here online.

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  1. Sem pričakovala, da bo bo več piling delcev :/ Tista honey verzija, ki so jo imeli še lani, je pravi scrub in je moj najljubši, tako da mi je res škoda, da je nimajo več. Tale Shea mi je zanimiv predvsem zaradi vonja, ker ta L'Occitanov karite je čudovit :)

    1. Njihova linija s karitejevim maslom ima res čudovit vonj, sam piling pa nima dovolj delcev, da bi bil popolnoma učinkovit, pusti pa na koži zelo udoben občutek zaradi koncentracije masla v njem.