torek, 20. junij 2017

Bumble & Bumble Prêt-à-Powder

I'm pretty undemanding when it comes to my hair care. As long as my hair looks clean and looks like it has some volume at the roots, I'm usually fine with it, because my hair is notoriously difficult for styling (it loses its curl within an hour or two). I know some are obsessed with washing their hair everyday, which is in my opinion only damaging for it, so I often reach for dry shampoo to at least mimic the look of clean(-ish) hair.

I bought the Bumble & Bumble Prêt-à-Powder a pretty long time ago, and I'm surprised it's lasted me for so long, with consistent use. The powder comes in a squeeze plastic bottle with a small opening on top, and there's 56 g of product inside. Compared to usual dry shampoo that come in cans this one has been lasting me a really long time. The powder has a lovely light floral scent, which also lasts well on the hair and is finely milled (but quite powdery) so after I brush it out, there never seems to be any residue left (note that I have light-medium hair). 
 Ingredients list:
The product itself is somewhat of a mix between a dry shampoo, texturizer and style extender in one. I mainly use it as a dry shampoo and to add some texture and volume to my hair. It definitely makes it look instantly cleaner, adds a very nice amount of volume at the roots and also texture (it's great to use before braiding, so the hair holds together better). I part my hair into a couple sections and apply a small amount, massage it in with my fingertips (like washing with a regular shampoo) and brush it out. You can also shake some of it into the palms of your hands and then massage it onto the roots of the hair. It is a bit more time consuming to use, compared to a similar product in a can and you also have to be a bit more careful - some of the powder often lands on my clothes. The small opening can get clogged sometimes, but I still love it more than most other dry shampoos I've tried so far. The non-aerosol packaging gets another plus from me, because it is super travel friendly and you don't have to worry about it's size when packing it into hand luggage. 
Available here online.

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