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LUSH Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

I've only tried one fresh face mask from Lush before, so when I stopped at their store recently I had a look at what other masks they had and thought I would try their Cupcake fresh face mask.

The Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask comes in a typical Lush packaging - a black plastic jar with a screw lid. You can collect 5 of them and return them to the store and they will gift you a free fresh face mask. There is 75 g of product inside. My lid doesn't close the jar completely, so the water that was collecting on top of the mask tends to leak out if the jar gets tilted during storage. These fresh face masks need to be stored in the fridge and used up pretty quickly, which is proving to be a challenge for me. Considering the fact that you store it in the fridge, I wouldn't be too concerned with using it after it has 'officially expired'. There's probably enough product for about 8-10 uses inside.
The mask has a gorgeous vanilla chocolatey scent and it almost seems edible (like an actual delicious cupcake!). The texture is on the thicker side and although they also advise to layer a thicker coat onto the skin, I tend to apply it sparingly, because you still tend to use up a decent amount, because of its texture. Inside the mask there are grittier particles of linseeds and also undissolved cocoa powder bits, which help with exfoliation when you are massaging and rinsing it off. The base of the product is made out of already mentioned cocoa powder (softens, uplifts and acts as an antioxidant) and rhassoul mud (to cleanse and soften). After application the mask dries and tightens on the skin. I usually wait until it's had enough time to dry completely (at least 20 minutes) and proceed to rinse it off. It leaves the skin feeling significantly softer, thanks to the exfoliating bits inside, and leaves a slight layer on the skin - but in a good way, so the skin doesn't feel dried out after using it. This mask helps with oil control and makes the pores appear a bit smaller. It contains several essential oils and cocoa butter but they don't seem to irritate me personally whatsoever.

I wouldn't say this mask is as effective as the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores, but the fact that it smells so delicious makes me keep returning to it.
Available in Lush shops around the world.

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