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Catrice ProvoCATRICE LE Gradation Blush in Raspberry Belle & Volume Lash Dust

Today I have two items to share with you. They're both from the latest Catrice Limited Edition called ProvoCATRICE and are giving off a serious bridal vibe to me. The collection itself was designed with a fusion of subtle romance and seductive intensity in mind and contains a variety of different makeup products as well as five shades of nail polishes.

There are two shades of Gradation Blush in this collection: C01 in Raspberry Belle* and C02 in Berry Bow. I have the one in the lighter shade (Raspberry Belle) and the gradation is stunning. The packaging is made out of white plastic, with a transparent top, so you can see the actual shade inside, and some reflexive silver lace details. There is 8,38 g of product inside and the blush gradation goes from a satin-matte bright pink onto a lighter shimmery champagne infused medium to light pink. The texture of the blush is soft and finely milled, and the product is a bit powdery. It's also very well pigmented and I need to be careful to tap the excess product off the brush, so my cheeks don't look too crazy.
I've found the performance of the blush really nice. It blends well, without any patchiness, and lasts well on the skin. I notice that it somewhat fades after about 8 hours but it's still visible at the end of the day. I usually center the brush in the middle, but the gradation of shades is not very noticeable, once on the cheeks. The blush gives my cheeks a very nice glow and looks very pretty. I also tried using a smaller brush with it and center it on the top portion with the lightest gradation and it can be used as a highlighter, so it's almost like having two products in one. The shimmery particles are more on the chunkier side, which are not my favourite, so it's still best used as a blush.
Comparison swatches:
- Lancome Nectar Lace Blush,
- Catrice Gradation Blush in Raspberry Belle - ligter top part (shimmery) & darker bottom part (satin-matte),
How it looks like applied:
Next up is Volume Lash Dust in C01 Irresistible Eyes*. The is basically an eyelash primer made out of micro-fine, white powder particles which intensify the volume of the lashes. The packaging looks like a travel sized mascara and contains 1,3 g of lash powder. The applicator is made out of foamy material and carries a sufficient amount of powder to the lashes. You're supposed to apply it on top of mascara, which still needs to be a little wet, so the powder can hold onto it better and then add another coat of mascara on top. On the packaging it says that the product can be used if you're a contact lense wearer.
My experience from using it was that it definitely helps to add volume to the lashes and doesn't effect the usual wear time of mascara in any way. I like to work on each eye separately, because you have to add powder while mascara is still a little damp. When I was applying it I definitely got a little bit of powder into my eyes, but it didn't feel like it was hurting them in anyway, and I also got some fallout onto my under eyes, which I simply swept away with a brush. My main gripe with this product is the fact that it's white and it makes the first coat of mascara look grey, which then requires some patience to completely cover with more mascara and can result in the lashes looking a bit clumpy, but not in a bad spidery way. I think it would work better for me, if it was tinted black or brown, like the Benefit's They're Real Tinted Primer.
How it looks like applied to the lashes (one coat of mascara - Volume lash dust applied on top - another coat of mascara):
Overall I like both products and would especially recommend the blush. The collection is now available for purchase in stores and online here.
*PR samples

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