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Catrice Prêt-à-Lumière LE Collection Picks

Last week a new Catrice LE collection arrived to our shelves and I'll be sharing swatches and some first impressions from my picks today. The collection was created with the strobing and highlighting trends in mind and features a selection of cream, powder and liquid highlighters, as well as creamy eye & brow pencils and glossy lipstick. Highlighting is a trend I've only recently embraced and don't have a large selection of such products yet, so I thought this collection would be perfect for trying out new textures and undertones.
I picked up two Highlighting Powders, two creamy highlighters a.k.a. Face Glow Definers and an Illuminating Serum Primer. 
Highlighting Powders come in compact transparent plastic packaging which seems sturdy and contains 4,91 g of product. There is an embossed dotted pattern on the powders, mimicking the outside packaging which is a nice detail. I was surprised when the powders in the pan didn't feel as soft as I was expecting, but after getting through the top layer they feel much nicer and softer. The brush I use them with (RT Setting brush) still picks up a sufficient amount of product and blends the edges well. The powders themselves are finely milled without any large chunky glittery or shimmery bits. 
The shade C01 Luminious Lights (sic) is a white based champagne color with a pinky shift and C02 Golden Glow is a warm golden champagne and still just borderline light enough to act as a highlighter on my complexion. I was expecting the darker shade to be more like a bronzer, but it's too sheer and applies like a highlighter. 
Face Glow Definers come in a plastic tube with rose-gold tops (love) and have a lipgloss/concealer doe foot wand type of applicator, but it's curved on boths sides instead of pointed. There is 6ml of product inside. The formula is creamy and although they apply quite metallic they are easy to blend out into a more subtle look, but unlike the powders contain larger shimmery chunks, that are also more noticeable on the skin, which is why I would use them sparingly or mix with a body lotion and apply onto the body, rather than the face. The powders layer well over them, if you want a stronger look, but used separately I usually still get a proper highlighter-effect look on the cheeks, not just a subtle glow. Lasting power with both types is quite decent and although they fade slightly, they're still visible on the skin after 8-9 hours. I've also tried the two powders as eyeshadows and over primer they lasted all day on my lids.
The shade C01 Golden Glow is again a warm golden champagne and the shade C02 Radiant Rose is a silvery champagne with a strong pink shift. 

As far as the Illuminating Serum Primer goes, I was expecting it to be more like the liquid highlighter that Catrice released this past summer, which I missed out on, so I'm somewhat disappointed with it. First, the dropper isn't working as well as it should with my bottle and the product blends out into a very subtle glow on the skin leaving behind some tiny silvery and pinky shimmer bits, so it's indeed best used as an all over base product, whether you use it with foundation or on its own. The packaging itself is a muted glass bottle and contains 14ml of product. Both cream-based products also have a fruity fragrance added to them, which isn't too strong to the point that it would bother me. 

  • 1st row:
- Catrice C01 Luminious Lights Highlighting Powder
- Catrice C02 Golden Glow Highlighting Powder,
- Catrice C01 Golden Glow Face Glow Definer,
- Catrice C02 Radiant Rose Face Glow Definer,
- Catrice Illuminating Serum Primer C01
  • 2nd row:
- Catrice C01 Luminious Lights Highlighting Powder,
- Catrice C02 Golden Glow Highlighting Powder.
If I had to pick my favourite I would go with the Highlighting powder and Face Glow Definer, both in the shade Golden Glow. Have you picked up anything from this limited edition collection by Catrice? Most of the collection is still available for purchase here online and Catrice products are also sold at Ulta.

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  1. Sem jo gledala v živo, pa sem odkorakala praznih rok stran. Kolekcija izgleda super in me mika highlighting powder, tudi gel ni slab, ampak se za zdaj držim Mary-Lou. Mogoče si premislim, ko bodo zadnji kosi v kakšnem zakotnem DM-u :) Imaš pa by far najbolj uporabno objavo o tej kolekciji :). Točno to sem iskala nekaj dni nazaj, pa ni imel nihče nič spodobnega.

    1. Hvala :) Sem tudi sama iskala kakšno uporabno objavo pred nakupom, pa nisem nikjer nič našla, drugače bi verjetno izbrala kakšen izdelek manj. Highlighting powder je še najboljša izbira po mojem :) Pri meni pa CT Glow zmaga (+ Becca Moonstone po novem), Mary-Lou mi je malo preveč zlat.

  2. Super objava s slikicami, sem v Millerju preizkusila testerje osvetljevalcev v kamnu pa me nekako barve niso prepričale, škoda da je bronze odtenek tako zlat, bi bil čudovit, če bi bil res bolj 'bronzer' odtenek.

  3. Jaz sem morala kar vse poswatchat v trgovini. Pudri so se mi zdeli zanimiv, samo mi niso bili všeč tisti pinky odtenki. Pa tudi dejastvo, da imam preveč takih doma :D. Na koncu sem se odličila za gel. Taki izdelki so mi odlični za bolj subtle glow kar preko kakšne bb kreme ali pa poleti za bolj no makeup dneve. Mi je pa kolekcija na sploh bila zanimiva. Čeprav škoda, da res niso naredili tekočih kot tistega iz LE Sound of Silence. Res ne vem kaj razmišljajo. Tisto bi bil hit v redni liniji z več odtenki.

    1. Gel je v tvoji objavi tudi izgledal super, sem na začetku predvidevala, da bo šlo za podobno teksturo kot pri Benefit Watt's Up, zato se zanj nisem odločila, zdaj ga pa verjetno nikjer več nimajo. Tekoči highlighter kot iz LE Sound of Silence bi bil res hit, sploh ker so bili v istem obdobju tudi Cover FX tekoči osvetljevalci tako popularni..Mogoče dočakamo letos poleti kaj podobnega :)