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COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

I've been getting more and more immersed in Korean skincare and COSRX has quickly become one of my favourite brands. I've seen a lot of reviews around raving about their Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence and thought it was about time I tried it myself.
The COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence comes in a milky-transparent plastic bottle and contains 100 ml of product. Unlike other snail products I've tried thus far this one has a different consistency that is viscous and slippery (almost a little slimy) with an almost sticky finish – you have to pat it into the skin for this feeling to disappear. Good thing I've read reviews before trying it so I wasn't put off by its texture. The liquid inside is transparent and unscented with a thicker liquid-gel consistency that is quite runny. The ingredient list is simple like usually with COSRX products and mostly contains a large amount (96%) of snail secretion filtrate. 
I've been using it for over four months now and really enjoy it. I apply it after cleansing instead of a serum, or under one, and follow up with a moisturizer in the morning or oil in the evening. The essence spreads over the skin well and I pat it gently, to help it absorb better. I usually use one-two drops of product and it's more than enough. It sinks into the skin quickly and the skin is ready for other products. It instantly feels comforting on the skin, makes the skin appear plump and moisturized, reduces redness and any dry patches and overall speeds up the recovery of the skin (healing of inflammations and small scarring). I also take it up to the eye area when I don't feel like applying a separate eye cream and it works like a charm, without irritating or burning.
 Applied to the skin to show the runny consistency:
For dry skin it would probably not be moisturizing enough, but for normal and also oily skins (particularly if your skin is dehydrated) it should add enough hydration as a first step product, without feeling too heavy. I've used mine since the summer and it felt light enough at the time, but now in the cooler weather it also packs in enough hydration that I continue to use it. This is one of those products I can see working with a variety of different skin types, so I highly recommend it. You also need a tiny amount and with twice daily use I still have about a month left before I use up my first bottle (and I've already purchased another one).
Available here or here.

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  1. Si me spomnila, da imam tester in sem ga včeraj preizkusila. Sploh ni slabo. Meni je tudi všeč, da se hitro vpije. Imam tudi All in One kremo tester in skupaj sta ravno dovolj vlažilna, ampak nista masna. Teksutra je res malo sluzasta, ampak me ni tako zelo zmotilo :).

    1. Tekstura je malo nenavadna, ampak je tako super izdelek, da brez problema spregledam :)

  2. This sounds nice, but I am dry skin, so I don't know if it works good on me or not.