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Tom Ford Lips & Boys 18 - Addison & 47 - Cary Lipsticks

I've been a fan of Tom Ford's work for a while, including his makeup line. I find the packaging so elegant and classy and wanted to own a piece or two from the makeup range, so when his products became available to order from Net-a-Porter I was finally able to try something. Last fall he came out with an extended line of Lips & Boys lipstick minis, named after special men in his life. I decided to buy two, one nude and one 'bolder' red to try. Beware - this is a picture heavy post.

The Tom Ford Lips & Boys lipsticks come in a black tube with golden detailing on the sides and both top and bottom. Minimal and elegant. The packaging has significant weight to it and feels and looks luxurious. There's 2 g of product inside, while the full sized Tom Ford lipstick usually has 3 g or 3,5 g (and some other brands contain everywhere from 3,2 g to 4 g).  
After some researching and comparing swatches I finally settled on two shades: Addison and Cary. Most of the line was sold out quickly after, but gets restocked often, so if you're hunting for any of the shades, they should become available again sooner or later.  
Because these are quite a splurge I was expecting a lot from them and I'm happy to report they have a wonderful formula. They are both beautifully pigmented and opaque in one swipe, apply smoothly without dragging on the lips and don't feel drying at all. The lasting power ranges between both, the nude shade lasts between 4 to 5 hours, while the red one leaves a slight stain on the lips and lasts up 6 or 7 hours. Both have a lovely creamy and finish, but Cary has a bit more shine added to it. They have a slight sweet vanilla fragrance added which is barely noticeable once the lipstick is on the lips. On my drier lips they feel more moisturizing than a typical lipstick with such pigmentation does and don't feel drying on the lips or make them peel the next day.

18 - Addison is a perfect pinky nude that looks flattering with my coloring and looks particularly nice when I have a slight tan or warmed up complexion with some bronzer. This one has more of a creamy finish.
47 - Cary is a plummy red with a satin finish. It is one of the prettiest and wearable reds that still make a statement in my collection.

 Comparison swatches:
Tom Ford Lips & Boys in Addison:
Tom Ford Lips & Boys in Cary:
Usually when I order online I epicly fail with ordering the right shades, but this time I absolutely love both of them. I completely understand why Tom Ford's lipsticks so often get chosen as the best of the best as their formula is superb but quite a splurge. For that reason they could make a perfect naughty little gift to oneself or someone else for a special occasion. 
A wide selection of shades is available here and here

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  1. Taki čudoviti in luksuzni izdelki si zaslužijo bolj picture heavy post :) Izgledata odlično in oba odtenka ti zelo pristajata, sploh Addison se mi zdi narejen zate :)

  2. Tom Fordove šminke so res kultne. Še jaz si kakšno želimo. Bolj zaradi embalaže :D. Saj kakšen luksuz si je včasih potrebno privoščiti. Mi je všeč ta koncept mini verzij. Bi si želela, da bi več luksuznih znamk to prakticiralo.
    Oba odtenka sta čudovita. Jaz se tudi strinjam, da ti Addison izredno paše. :) <3

    1. Hvala :) Embalaža TF mini verzij je res kjut :) Že zdaj septembra imajo tukaj vse znamke v Sephori pripravljene holiday kite, ki vsebujejo precej mini izdelkov, ampak jih do Evrope, sploh pa do nas, ne pride veliko.