petek, 30. september 2016

H&M High Impact Eye Colour (Single Eye Shadows) in Sahara Dawn and Molten Mauve

I was pretty excited when H&M launched their revamped makeup collection and our country was actually a part of the launch. Soon after I picked up a couple of items and I have a review for two of the single eyeshadows ready today.

H&M High Impact Eye Colour Single Eyeshadows come in nice looking plastic packaging with a creamy white base and golden lid. The packaging looks nice, feels light and seems slightly cheaply made. I've recently depoted mine and they came out of the original packaging pretty easily and I keep them in a Z-Palette for easier storage. These eyeshadows contain 2 g of product. 
I picked up the shades Molten Mauve and Sahara Dawn. On the stand in-store they have samples of pretty much every product, so you can swatch and feel the textures of everything. Both of my eyeshadows feel very creamy and soft to the touch and they're not dry or powdery. They're nicely pigmented and while they fade slightly with blending they also don't require too much building up for full intensity on the lids. I tend to wear them with a primer underneath and they don't fade or crease noticeably on the lids throughout the day. 
Molten Mauve is a golden bronze with small multicolored shimmery flakes. It is a lovely color, but requires a bit more building on the lid for full opacity than Sahara Dawn. 
Sahara Dawn is a satin burgundy red with a bronze vibe to it. In the pan it leans more purple, but when I apply it to the lids, it is a perfect rich red I've been looking for and is a beautiful fall shade.
Applied - in the top photo I am only wearing Sahara Dawn and in the bottom one I am wearing Molten Mauve on the lid, blended out with Sahara Dawn - as soon as I uploaded the photo onto blogger the redness of Sahara Dawn faded and is more apparent in real life:
Overall they're both nice quality eyeshadows and especially Sahara Dawn is a rich pigmented shade and comparable to eyeshadows from mid range or even higher end brands. 
Available here online and in selected H&M store locations with makeup (in Slovenia you can find it at their City Park store in Ljubljana or also order online). 

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  1. Never tried H&M makeup before, these shades are gorgeous!

  2. I have never been a fan of H&M beauty but they do have great packaging :)

  3. Love the shades and they looks so cute too.

  4. These eyeshadows look beautiful! I haven't tried any beauty products by H&M, but everything I have seen so far looks promising,