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July Favourites

Today I have my July favourites ready to share with you. I've recently added a couple of new items to my collection and some of them also made it to this post.

I finally finished my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion which was a part of my everyday routine when I chose to wear eyeshadows, but instead of repurchasing right away I started using this Maybelline Color Tattoo. It is a quite warm base and a thin layer is pigmented enough to cover any veins and blueness on the lid. As long as I set it with a powder eyeshadow it also stays on the lids for most of the day, but at the end of the day I can notice some creasing on my lids.
Like the bareminerals palette I will mention below I've also rediscovered this palette again. I love the selection of shades and their performance on the lids. I wouldn't mind another medium matte taupe shade but I have so many other palettes I don't mind switching up between an additional palette. My favourites still include: Buttery, Treasure, Hot & Cold, Sherbert, Deep Purple and Isla. I hope to try more eyeshadows from them soon.
Now that it's summer I switched to using a waterproof mascara and this is one of the best ones I've tried in a while, especially considering the price. It holds the curl like nothing else and has a great staying power. I'll try to have a review up in a couple of days.
I was searching for a new liquid eyeliner because it was about time I threw out my old Stila one and replaced it with a new one. This one had a lot of really positive reviews online and some compared it to Kat Von D's brush eyeliner so I purchased it. I think this one is by far my new favourite. I love the precise thin brush, the pigmentation and staying power. Definitely recommend it.
I recently started using this brow pencil again and it's really as good as everyone says it is. The tip is really thin and precise and the color has a perfect undertone for me. I like to switch between different brow product quite often, so this one has lasted me for some time, but a lot of people complain that they use it up really fast.
I picked this up in July and I'm surprised how much I ended up wearing and liking it. It is quite a statement lip and although I prefer a slight glossiness on the lips in the summer I also really like the true matte finish sometimes. The formula is a little drying but nothing too bad, even for my dry lips.
This face palette was released last holiday season and it doesn't get enough love from me at all, but I was reorganizing my collection and decided it was time to try it out again and I really live it. I think bareMinerals as a brand doesn't get enough love, but almost everything I've tried from them has been great. This particular palette features 5 eyeshadows, two blushes, bronzer and a highlighter which is a perfect golden Champagne shade. The formula is lovely and the shade is better for my skin than something like theBalm's Mary Loumanizer.
I've mentioned before that I've been struggling with finding a facial SPF which wouldn't leave my skin looking like I dipped my face in oil and this one is almost perfect. The texture is light and watery, it is white and initially leaves a white case but as it starts sinking in the white residue completely disappears. I usually wait for 5-10 minutes before I apply makeup on top and it acts as a primer and actually seems to help keep the oiliness at bay. This is a sample size and I think the price point of the full size could be the only negative about it.
After some searching I think I finally found the best natural deodorant suited for me. I've been testing different ones for about two years and this one seems to be the best one yet. It was actually my mom who recommended it to me, after she was using it for several months, so I decided to also try it out. Now that it's summer and it's so hot outside it doesn't last for 24 hours, but keeps any BO's at bay for most of the day. I'm thinking that stick formula vs roll-on makes all the difference.
I started using this facial oil earlier this month and I absolutely love the way it makes my skin look and feel. Only a couple days in my skin started getting brighter and blemishes heal much quicker when I use it. Mine came in a trial kit with several other products from Ole Henriksen, so it's a smaller size.
I bought a sample set of Fragonard fragrances when I was in Paris a while back and if I remember correctly they are one of the oldest parfumeries in France (Europe?) still open today. This particular scent is a perfect refreshing but sweet fragrance for summer, without being too heavy, with fruity, citrusy and vanilla notes, and a hint of sandalwood and jasmine. It's quite unusual, but very pleasant. These come in small tin spray bottles which protects the fragrance from aging and also gives it an aged charm if it is displayed out of the box. 

Did you love using any particular product last month or are looking forward to try soon?

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  1. Če pa ti praviš , da je Clio eyeliner dober, potem ga pa rabim :D A je samo na eBayu?
    Tale Clarinsova krema zveni zanimivo, tudi meni so vse sončne kreme tako šajni, lepljive in mastne poleti, da ne morem prenašat. Samo kaj ko je Clarins tako drag :/
    Parfum mi izgleda tudi lušen. Imam zelo rada parfume in mi je zanimivo brat o takih posebnežih :)

    1. Clio eyeliner je res dober, razen kadar se mi roke zjutraj malo tresejo, potem ga raje ne uporabim, ker takoj pozna, da ni ravna črta :P Na Jolse ga imajo tudi, ampak traja pribl. en mesec da pridejo paketi do mene. Imajo pa brezplačno poštnino in vedno dodajo precej vzorčkov.
      Clarins kremo imam samo še za nekajkrat ampak je precej draga, tako da bom kaj drugega preizkusila vmes. Zadnjič sem naročila eno Japonsko, ki jo precej hvalijo, in upam, da mi bo ustrezala.
      Parfumček je kar lušten, če boš kdaj v Parizu se splača obiskati njihovo trgovino in muzej. :)

  2. prekrasni nabor izdelkov.Golder R. se bere odlično. Tale L´Occitanov deo. je tudi super, ful lepo diši. Olja za obraz pa so nekajnajboljšega kar dajem nase. Šipkovo je totalni zmagovalec, bodisi od Melvite, Flow-a, Plantae,jaz sem si z olji svoj PH-a popravila za neverjetne %, kolikor pač gre zaupati tistim napravicam za merjenje Ph-ja.Če bi za mesec julij spisala favorite bi zmagalo ravno Flow organsko obogateno šipkovo oljo:):):). Pa mene sploh ne moti, da je vroče, poletje, vsak dan ga dodam na obraz in res imam lepo kožo. Še posebej to opazim, ko vidim kako mi nekatere podlage lepo izpadejo na obrazu, tudi tiste malo bolj matirajoče, pa nisem nek fen tistih:). AB.paleta je pa fantastično lepa.

    1. Šipkovo olje sedaj prvič preizkušam in mi je zelo všeč, na moji problematični koži je razlika res opazna čez noč. Za podnevi pa raje uporabljam gel-kreme, ki imajo lažjo teksturo za zdaj poleti.
      Anastasia ima res lepe paletke senčil in highlighterjev :)

  3. Clio eyeliner je tudi meni res všeč. :) Sem si zdaj kupila mini verzijo Urban Decay primerja in mi je všeč. Samo malo sem se razvadila z Avonovim, ker ta lepo prekrije vse mini vene na vekah. Mi pa senčila lepo ostanejo na vekah cel dan. Maybelline tatuji se mi pa čez dan malo nabirajo v gube, čeprav ta odtenek je res dober primer :).

    1. Od Avona še nisem preizkusila, mi je pa UD top primer. :) Maybelline Color Tattoo se tudi meni na koncu dneva nabere v gube, ampak tale presenetljivo dobro zdrži kadar ga utrdim s senčilom.