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Empty Products #21 a.k.a. Summer Empties Megapost, pt. 2

Today I'm sharing the second part of my Summer Empties Megapost. Click here to read the first part, which features more body and hair care items, while this one will focus on skincare and also some makeup bits.
Vichy Pureté Thermale Refreshing Cleansing Milk was a decent make up remover, but I was always struggling to remove eye make up with it (and I rarely wear anything waterproof). It also left a weird layer on the skin so I would not be comfortable using this as an only cleanser. As far as Cleansing Milks go, I much prefer the Lush 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion, which removes makeup better and leaves the skin feeling nicely hydrated.
Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Hydrating Micellar Water - I was somewhat disappointed with this product, because it didn't remove makeup that well, especially on the eyes, and was quite strongly scented. In the last few months I mainly used it to remove swatches and I won't repurchase.
COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser - I really enjoyed using this cleanser. It has a gel texture, lathers nicely and has a tea tree scent, which is not too strong. It cleaned the skin well, without leaving it dry or feeling tight. I already repurchased.
First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser - along with the COSRX cleanser mentioned above, this is my favourite face cleanser. It has a soft creamy texture, is unscented and cleans the skin well, without stripping it. It also removes makeup well. I already repurchased.
Caudalie Grape Water Toner - I use this spritz in the toner stage in my skincare routine and sometimes also during the day to refresh the skin. It has almost no scent and the mist is gentle but nicely hydrating. I already repurchased.
Paula's Choice Clear Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution - this is a really gentle chemical exfoliator suitable for anyone who's looking to start incorporating acids into their skincare routine. I found it to be effective in especially helping with blackheads and making red marks from blemishes fade away quicker. I won't repurchase this one, because I like a bit 'stronger' acids, but I'll probably try out another such product from the same brand.
Afrodita HYDRA THERMAL Hydra Active Concentrate - Serum - I don't know how many of these I've gone through, but this serum is a really nice hydrating step in my routine, which doesn't irritate my skin whatsoever. The only thing I don't like about it, is the fact that the tube is white so you can't see inside how much product is still left, so I've been surprised on a couple occasions when I ran out. You can find it on offer in different stores quite often, if you're planning on getting one. I already repurchased.
L'Occitane Immortelle Oil Makeup Remover (travel version) - this is an excellent cleansing oil, although I am not the biggest fan of the scent. It removes makeup very well and when you add water it gets a creamy milky consistency which I wipe off with a cleansing cloth, so I don't have any residue on the skin. When I first tried it, I liked this one and the Shea Butter almost equally. I have a tiny bit left in my full size version still.

Yes To Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub - I've tried a lot of products from this brand but it seems like their Grapefruit line is not suited for me. This scrub had a weird sour scent and the bits inside were pretty small. After rinsing I felt like it left a layer on my skin. I won't repurchase.
Caudalie Beauty Elixir - I've actually used up several of these already and really enjoy the uplifting scent. I don't use it as a toner (I prefer to use their Grape Water Mist in that stage of my skincare), but rather as a setting spray or a mid-day pick me up. It adds a bit of a glow to the skin and feels lovely and refreshing. I've already repurchased.
REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial - this product is formulated with water activated Vitamin C and is supposed to help with brightening the complexion, add glow and firmness. The texture felt like a finely milled gel scrub, which you massage all over skin then add a bit of water and leave it on for one minute. It didn't feel irritating, but I actually noticed a difference in my brightness after 3 uses. You're supposed to use it every three days, but I used it about once weekly. I liked it, but didn't like it enough to buy the full size.
Clarins UV Plus Sunscreen Multi-Protection Anti-Pollution Broad Spectrum SPF 40 - as far as sunscreens go this is one of the best facial ones I've tried so far (together with the Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense Lotion SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion which I was using last year). Applied to the skin it felt more like a serum and helped control oiliness without a white cast. I hope to find a replacement among one of the sunscreens I have, if not, I might have to buy the full size.
Uriage Barié Sun Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 (sample x2) - this was actually a pretty decent sunscreen that didn't make my skin too oily during the day, but it had a very strong white cast, so I looked like a proper ghost when I wore it. I never tried applying makeup on top and because it was quite emollient I don't know how well it would last on my skin. I wouldn't buy the full size, because of the white cast. 
NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil (bottle + sample x 1): this is such a lovely product and can be used in a variety of ways. I mainly used it either as a luxe body oil for special occasions, because it adds a subtle glow and sweet fragrance to the skin, as well as make it silky soft. On a more regular basis I was using it as a facial oil in my nightly routine and it really makes a difference in the skin overnight, making it feel smoother, even-toned and less oily throughout the day. I have a couple more samples of it and I will repurchase the full size soon.
The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask - I enjoyed using this mask, but at the same time never felt like it did much for the skin. It had a pleasant oatmeal-ish scent and felt nicely hydrating on the skin. There was quite a lot of product inside, so it lasted me for a long time. Won't repurchase.
Sun Dance Mattifying Sun Fluid SPF 30 - I don't know who's idea it was to call this product mattifying because it certainly isn't. On me this felt quite oily and while the makeup applied well over it, a couple hours after I started to look like I was melting. I didn't mind it as much when I didn't wear makeup over it. By mistake I already purchased another one, but it quickly found a new owner. I don't plan on using it again, unless I absolutely can't find anything better.
Vichy Idéal Soleil SPF50 Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch - I'm still struggling to find the perfect sunscreen that would work well under makeup and not look like like an oily mess two hours later. This one was ok, especially worn with minimal makeup, but it also had a tendency to crumble if I tried to apply too much product at once. It had a decent mattifying effect on my oily skin, but it was often hard to blend out on the edges, so I was left with white marks on my skin. Like the Sun Dance one, I probably also won't repurchase this one.

SkinFood Chlorella Nose Clear Patch & Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strip - both are your typical nose patches to remove blackheads. I liked both and they did a decent job, but neither did remove all blackheads from my pores. I think I liked the one from SkinFood a little more, but you can't go wrong with either.
GLAMGLOW Supermud™ Clearing Treatment Mask - I absolutely adored this mask. Every time I used it my skin was left looking much clearer and brighter with smaller looking pores. I've tried many clay-type masks before but this one was better than all of them. I will be repurchasing.
COSRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask - not a day goes by when I don't use this moisturizer/mask. It has a light gel texture and I use it both mornings and nights. It feels calming, nourishing and helps heal blemishes faster. I've already repurchased my 4th pot.
Skinfood Propolis & Bee Venom Beauty in a Food Mask Sheet Mask - this mask was made from thinner material saturated with plenty of watery serum. It was quite strongly scented and reminded me of honey with an added artificial fragrance. Mask fit was quite large. I removed it after 20 minutes and it felt nicely moisturizing. I have 2 more to use.
Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Sheet Mask in Aloe (2x) - these masks had an inoffensive subtle scent and felt refreshing and cooling (keep them in the fridge in the summer months for an added cooling effect). They had plenty of watery essence inside, but the fit was not my favourite - I ended up making a couple of cuts with scissors for a better fit. They left a slight tacky finish on the skin after removal. I probably won't repurchase, because I like the ones from Etude House better.
Afrodita 3 Peptides Eye Cream - I was really excited to find this sample because I wanted to buy the eye cream anyway but after using it, my under eyes only seemed to get drier and every concealer started creasing in that area. The texture was really nice and sunk in quickly, but the cream didn't seem like it was doing anything so I'm really disappointed and won't get the full size.
COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid (sample x 6): I really liked this BHA product and have already repurchased it. I found it to be much more gentle on the skin than the Paula's Choice BHA (not the one mentioned above), while still being effective. It has a water-like texture, but thicker and almost slippery, like a snail product would have. If you're looking to try a BHA, this one is quite nice. 
COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol (sample x 2): I didn't like this BHA as much as the one above, because it didn't feel as gentle on the skin, when I used it, and since I only had two sachets to try, I didn't notice any major differences in my skin. I probably won't buy the full size.

Fleur de Force by Eylure 'Fleur Loves' False Lashes - I really love these lashes and got to wear them several times, but I didn't clean them properly at the end so they started to look really obvious on the eyes. These are almost always sold out, probably because they are so flattering and geniously only a 3/4 length to elongate the eye. I might repurchase, but I'll be trying her individual lashes first.
Jolse Blotting Paper Sheets - these are by far my new favourite blotting sheets, especially because I was not expecting much from them since they came with an order as a free sample. They remove excessive sebum and leave the makeup underneath intack. I would definitely repurchase, but they add them with every order so I'm set with them for a while.
Fragonard Parfumeur Belle Chérie Parfum - I really loved this scent for the summer. It's slightly unusual, but the fresh and floral notes, combined with sweet vanilla and a hint of sandalwood make it very wearable. I don't think I'll repurchase this anytime soon, unless I visit any of their boutiques again.
TonyMoly Banana Hand Milk (sample) - this hand cream smelled exactly like the chocolate bananas candy you can buy in our stores so it was a pleasure to use. The formula was ok, not greasy, but moisturizing. I might buy the full size.
L'Occitane Lavender Hand Cream - considering I don't even like the lavender scent too much I really liked this hand cream. The formula was much lighter than their Shea Butter version, it sinked it right away and didn't left any greasy residue on the skin. I might repurchase once I downsize my hand cream stash.
Tosama Baby Wipes - I always keep a pack of these wipes nearby, either to remove swatches or when I want to switch my lip color quickly. These are wetter than some other wipes so I find them to work better than some other options at the drugstore.
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Original + sample in Eden): without a doubt a holy grail item that needs to be in my stash all the time, but is especially essential in the summer. It prevents the eyeshadow from creasing all day long, without fading or budging and makes eyeshadows applied over appear more pigmented. If you have oily lids or struggle with eyeshadow fading, this is the item you need. The version in Eden had a yellow tint added so it cancelled out any veins and blueness, but it didn't seem to blend out as nicely as the Original version, so I didn't like it as much. I'll definitely get the original one again.
L'Oreal Brow Artist Shaper in 02 - Blonde: this was a decent drugstore brow pencil, especially because the undertone was cool and matched by brows well. The pencil was quite waxy and sometimes left tiny crumbly bits in the hairs if I wasn't applying it with even pressure, but brushing with a spoolie after, usually helped. I don't like brow products that don't come with a spoolie included; the brush on this pencil was quite useless. The transparent wax on the other side was really soft and added shine, so I didn't use it a lot. I won't repurchase.
Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Primer (sample) - this primer is probably better suited for dry or normal skin. It felt moisturizing on the skin, prolonged the wear of makeup and controlled the oiliness a bit, but it did nothing to mask/fill in the pores on my cheeks.
Tanya Burr Individual Lashes - I quite liked these, but I went through the short and medium ones quite quickly and then had a bunch of long ones left, so I ended up cutting off a bit from them, which made them seem more natural and wearable. I probably won't repurchase.
Eyeko Black Magic Drama & Curl MascaraL'Oréal Paris Telescopic Clean Definition MascaraRimmel Wonder'Full Wake Me Up Mascara - I didn't love any of these mascaras, but out of all of them I ended up using the Eyeko one the most, especially, when I paired it with the Dior Lash Primer. I linked all original reviews above, if you're particularly interested in any of them, but in my opinion none of them are worth repurchasing.
Benefit The POREfessional Face Primer - I still can't get myself around to using primers on an everyday basis. The POREfessional was a decent primer and minimized the appearance of pores really efficiently, but it did almost nothing for oil control. It did also prolong the wear of foundation. If you have enlarged pores and skin texture but don't have an oily skin type you might really enjoy it, but I won't be repurchasing.
Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray - I tested this setting spray on numerous occasions and it never seemed to be particularly oil-controlling. It did reduce a powdery look and prolonged the wear of makeup for a little bit. Won't repurchase.
Lancome Hypnose Volume Mascara - this was an old sample I received a while ago and forgot about it so when I finally started using it I only wore it for a week before it completely dried out. It was nicely volumizing, it didn't smudge or flake in the summer heat. I won't buy the full size.
Dior Diorshow Maximizer 3D Triple Volume Plumping Lash Primer - this primer was particularly useful when all of the mascaras in the picture above turned out to be disappointing on my lashes. The primer was white tinted and some mascaras had trouble covering that completely. I wouldn't buy the full size.
Essence I Love Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara - I really enjoyed this mascara but in the past couple of weeks it started smudging on me, so I decided to part ways with it. It held the curl like nothing else, added a nice amount of volume and definition in two coats and stayed put through swimming and wasn't too hard to remove at the end of day. Will repurchase next time I need a waterproof mascara.

Have you tried any of the mentioned products before?

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  1. L'Occitanovo Immortelle olje je še vedno moje najljubše, čeprav mi je po teksturi in vonju Shea bolj všeč, ampak Immortelle enostavno odlično sodeluje z mojo kožo :) Nuxe olje pa itak še vedno uporabljam vsak dan :)

    Kupila sem novo Sun Dance matirajočo sončno kremo in se mi zdi kot da so nekaj spreminjali. Zdaj se mi enako kot tebi zdi premastna in preveč smrdi po alkoholu. Sredi dneva mi je zašla v oči in skoraj nisem mogla gledat, oči so se mi solzile nenormalno, tako da sem vse odstranila z Garnierjevo micelarno in je bilo ok. Iščem nekaj novega, čeprav ta ki jo imam zdaj od Farmone je še kar spodobna, ampak tale od Clarinsa zveni odlična, če le ne bi bila tako draga. Upam, da tisto Coppertone Sheer kdaj dobimo tukaj.

    COSRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask sem že dala na wishlisto :)

    1. L'Occitanovo olje je res super tudi za mojo kožo, razen vonj mi ni najbolj všeč.
      V dm sem zadnjič kupila drugo Sun Dance kremo v beli embalaži, ampak čez dan tudi dobim tak lepljiv občutek na koži, tako da je verjetno ne bom več uporabljala na obrazu. Sem pa čez vikend končno preizkusila Biore Aqua Rich Watery Gel SPF 50 kremo in sem zaenkrat prijetno presenečena - lahka tekstura, na koži deluje kot primer, brez mastnega občutka in zaenkrat mi ni povzročila mozoljev. Cena je tudi ok, okoli 10 eur za 90 ml, ampak jo je treba naročiti iz Japonske. Bom napisala oceno čez kak mesec, ko jo bolj stestiram :)