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Rimmel Wonder'Full Wake Me Up Mascara

Rimmel products recently became available in dm stores across Slovenia, but their selection is quite disappointing so far. I've never tried their mascaras until the Wonder'Full Wake Me Up Mascara came in of one of the LookFantastic beauty boxes I purchased a while back.

The Rimmel Wonder'Full Wake Me Up Mascara comes in a metallic acid-green tube and is infused with vitamins and cucumber - the product in the tube actually smells like cucumbers which is slightly odd to me. The brush has natural bristles, which have a curved shape and are shorter in the centre and longer on both edges. It is quite large and because of the shape it is not the easiest to apply to the lashes closer to the inner corner or lower lashline.
The formula was very wet in the beginning, weighted down my lashes and had a clumpy look without much definition. It started drying within a week and working better, but I still cannot make my lashes look as dramatic and defined as I like them to be. It doesn't really matter if I curl my lashes before applying, because it still weighs them down. While it adds some volume at the roots, it's not very noticeable, because the lashes drop within one hour. Building up more coats also doesn't result in the lashes looking significantly different, they only get a clumpy and non-defined look to them. The mascara has a regular formula and takes forever to dry, so I often ended up with smudges on my brow bone where lashes can touch the skin and beneath my lower lashes.
 Applied to curled lashes:
The formula is very unimpressive and generally a bad choice to wear in the summer. Unless you're going for natural looking lashes I can't see how anyone would like this one.
Available here or here.

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