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KIKO Invisible Powder

I've already mentioned the KIKO Invisible Powder in my last monthly favourites so you can expect a positive review for it. I've purchased it a while ago and it took me some time to figure out how to use it properly, before I could write a review.

The KIKO powder comes in a plastic pot with a lid that has a velvety-sponge type applicator attached. There is 13,5 g of product inside. The applicator that is included is absolutely useless in my opinion. Powder gets dispensed through a sifter with holes so it doesn't get everywhere when you open it (unless you're careless) and there is always a bit left on the sponge. At first I was using this sponge to apply it, but this method left tiny white dots on the skin/foundation which remained visible even when I tried to blend them out with a brush.
After some trial and error and the product lying forgotten in the drawer, I figured out that it works best when applied with a brush that is not too dense and large. I've been using the smaller rounded '301' metallic brush from eBay or the Real Techniques Setting Brush and they both work great for under the eyes and on other areas of the skin. Depending on the applied amount, the powder can leave a visible white trace on the skin, but with some blending it kind of melts into the skin. I don't know if it would actually apply transparent on deeper skintones, but on me it does. It is very finely milled and has a smoothing effect on the under eyes and other areas of the face. It makes the skin feel satiny smooth and has a mattifying but still natural finish. Now in the summer I get shiny after about 5 hours, but the shine looks more like a satiny glow and not as much oily skin. After that I just blot the shiny areas and I don't even have to reapply powder for the rest of the day, which is pretty amazing for my oily skin type. If I do reapply after blotting though, it doesn't look cakey and again adds a smoothing velvety finish to the skin and makes the pores less apparent.
For a drugstore powder I was surprised that it doesn't contain talc or mica. Besides the attached applicator there are some other disadvantages I think are worth mentioning. The packaging isn't the best and disposing the powder can quickly result in a mess - on your table or clothes, so don't wear anything black when you're applying it if you have to go somewhere important that day (I learnt the hard way). Since the texture of the powder is so light - you can't even feel anything if you rub some powder between the fingers - it has a tendency to create a white cloud when you're applying it and it's hard to avoid not inhaling it, unless you hold your breath, which I would recommend because it has a pretty bad scent.
Despite these issues, I think it is well worth the price because it leaves a beautiful finish on the skin without being heavy or noticeable on the skin. Even though the website says that this is particularly suited for oily skin I think it would also work well with normal skin types, because it's not drying. Available from KIKO website and their shops around the world.

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