sreda, 20. julij 2016

Catrice Defining Blush in 020 - Rose Royce

I've already mentioned this Catrice Defining Blush in Rose Royce a couple of times and also feature it a lot on my Instagram page. It's been my go-to blush lately and also definitely the one I've been wearing the most in the past couple of months.

The Catrice Defining Blush in Rose Royce comes in simple plastic see-through packaging, so you can easily see the color and distinguish it from others in your collection. There is 5g of product inside.
The formula is really good for a drugstore blush and makes me want to get more from the collection (I haven't paid too much attention to other shades when I got this one, so I don't know if there are any others I might like). It is very nicely pigmented and has a silky soft texture. I like to apply it with a slightly fluffier soft brush, so it isn't too centered in one area. It has that old lipstick kind of a scent, but it's not noticeable when you're applying it.
It lasts pretty much the entire day on my skin, but that will also depend on the staying power of foundation you're wearing underneath. It blends out easily, looks natural and goes with pretty much every makeup look, which is the reason I've been using it so much lately.
The shade Rose Royce is a muted rose-pink and the closest similar shade I have in my collection is Benefit's Rockateur, but that one has a sheen added and is a bit more peachy, so it gives an overall different effect on the cheeks. On my photos the Rose Royce Blush looks quite peachy for some reason, but looks more true to color on the swatches below.
Comparison swatches:
If you're looking for a neutral blush shade to add to your collection, you can't really go wrong with getting this one from the drugstore. Catrice products are available online here

4 komentarji:

  1. You look so pretty :) <3 Makeup ti odlično paše in rdečilo prav tako. Izgleda mi precej podobno kakšnim H&M odtenkom, ker deluje tako malo umazan odtenek, kar je meni izredno všeč. So pa skoraj ti blushi zame preveč pigmentirani, vsaj tista dva odtenka, ki imam doma :). Neke bolj žive imam.
    Moram pohvalit tvoje obrvi. Izgledajo tako lepo polne :).

    1. Hvala :) <3 Meni je super odtenek in se mi ne zdi preveč pigmentiran, razen če uporabim čopič, ki je preveč gost. Je pa tudi edini blush, ki ga imam od Catrice, tako da ne vem kakšni so ostali. Tega sicer tudi Mateja hvali :) Obrvi mam kar ok, ampak poleti od sonca postanejo skoraj nevidne, tako da moram vedno kak izdelek uporabiti na njih :)

  2. Ta blush je popoln :) Res odlična kvaliteta in krasen odtenek, malo je takih za tako nizko ceno. Res ti paše in lepo te je končno videt :)