nedelja, 15. maj 2016

Empty Products #17

Let's go through the products I've used up and see if I'll be willing to repurchase anything.

Kerastase Bain De Force Shampoo - this shampoo is one of the best I’ve tried so far. I was using another high end brand for a couple of years and I think my hair was starting to get used to it, so I quickly noticed a difference when I switched to this one. It made my hair really smooth, clean without making the roots or ends feel dry and it almost felt like I didn’t need to use conditioner after using it. I wish it also added some more volume to my thin hair, but at least this shampoo strengthens it. I’ve already repurchased it.
Yves Rocher Forest Fruits Scrub Gel - this scrub felt more like a traditional shower gel with some exfoliating bits inside. It smelled delicious but wasn’t doing an exceptionally good job with exfoliating. I won’t be repurchasing.
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter - this is one of my favourite body butters/lotions because it smells yummy, sinks into the skin fast and nourishes it really well. The packaging with the pump is a good idea when the product is full but there’s always a couple more uses left once you think you’re finished with the product, which is a bit annoying. I’ll be repurchasing it again in the future for sure.
Melvita Apicosma Body Ultra-Nourishing Scrub - a lovely scrub but it contained argan oil which to me smells a little rancid so I wasn’t the biggest fan of the scent. The scrub itself was really nice with medium sized grits and because it contained oils it made the skin after use feel smooth and nourished, so I didn’t feel like I needed to use lotion after. I prefer the Afrodita Sugar Scrub to this one, so I won’t be repurchasing.
Nuxe Reve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream - I’ve used this hand cream in the past and really like it, so I was happy to receive another sample size to keep in my handbag to use on the go. It has a delicious sweet honey scent and does a great job at protecting the skin on my hands without leaving a greasy layer behind. I’ll be repurchasing once I use up some other hand creams in my stash.
Secret Key Honey Bee’s Ac Control Mist for Sensitive Skin - I really enjoy using mists and this one seemed to have other effects on my skin than just plainly moisturizing. The spray wasn’t dispensing the finest mist so I only used it as a toner and not also on top of makeup throughout the day. My skin seems to like honey and propolis products so I’ll continue to incorporate these ingredients into my routine in the future as well. I’ve already repurchased it.
Scholl Sensitive Foot Balm - this has been a staple for me for several years now. It helps with dry skin, healing blisters and tired feet. It’s unscented and really nourishing. I always repurchase it.
Nuxe Men 24h Protection Deodorant - I only bought this because FeelUnique had a special gift with purchase at the time and also the deodorant I was trying at the time was doing a very lousy job. After using it up, I have to say that it smelled really nice (I really enjoy heavier woodsy scents for winter), but if I was working out it still didn’t offer the best protection. I’ve used the woman’s version in the past and I have to say that I think that one is actually better. I’m currently testing other natural deodorants but if none of them end up being that good I’ll be getting the woman’s version of Nuxe again.
Yves Rocher Spicy Vanilla Hand Cream - Yves Rocher hand creams have a really light texture without feeling greasy so I like to liberally apply them during the day. I was hoping for a more complex scent from the name, but it ended up being an average vanilla with some cinnamon. I bought a couple of hand creams from their past holiday collection so I have more of them to use up.
Nivea Refreshing Soft Moisturizing Creme - it’s been a couple of years since I’ve purchased a pot of Nivea cream and I always associate it’s scent with being a little kid. I used this one as a multi-purpose cream, either for the hands or body because it wasn’t greasy, but still felt nicely moisturizing. I’ll be repurchasing in the future.
Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Green Tea (x 2) and Etude House Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Masks - I try to use at least one sheet mask a week and lately I’ve been prefering the ones with a milky, rather than watery essence. The Green Tea had a watery essence and would probably suit me better on a hot summer night, but right now the Hyaluronic Acid does the trick. After using the mask I also squeezed the remaining essence into a small pot and used it for the next couple of days and my skin really loved it. Neither of them have the best fit, so I usually make some adjustments with scissors. 
L’Occitane Precious Immortelle Eye Balm (sample x 2)- this balm had a slightly thicker consistency than your usual eye cream and I had to be careful to not apply too much product, because in that case it didn’t sit well under concealer and started rolling off. I won’t be getting the full size.
L’Occitane Divine Eyes (sample x 2) - this one, on the other hand, has a much thinner serum-y consistency and I felt like it just wasn’t hydrating enough for my under eyes. I won’t be getting the full size.
Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive (sample x 10) - I’ve read many reviews claiming that this is a much more affordable dupe for the SKII essence and I wanted to try some samples before deciding if I wanted to get the full size. Immediately after use it made my skin smoother, with less visible pores, but after two days of use it caused tiny white bumps on my chin so I had to stop using it. I won’t be getting the full size. 
Chanel Hydra Beauty Radiance Eye Gel - this eye gel also felt fairly lightweight for my under eyes which are quite dehydrated. I’ll try to remember to ask for another sample, but so far I wouldn’t buy it.
Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream - this one felt very average and I felt like it didn’t do much than just moisturize the under eye area. It had a thicker, gel-cream texture and sinked into the skin quickly.  I much prefer their Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, which I’m currently using.

Have you tried any of the mentioned products before?

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  1. Jaz imam iz te Kerastase linije Heat-activated reconstructing milk in mi je ravno to najbolj všeč, da mi naredi mehke lase, ki so popolnoma ravni po sušenju :). Tako da ugotavljam, da je šampon podoben. Missha Essence si jaz tudi želim kdaj preizkusit, ker SKII je pač predraga. Kje si pa kupila testerje? :)

    1. Na Ebay-ju jih imajo v kompletu po 10, kar je ravno dovolj da dobiš nek prvi občutek o izdelku. V postu je link do prodajalca, kjer sem jih kupila.

    2. Silly me, sem mislila, da so naslovi samo obarvani :D Hvala ;).