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Eyeko Black Magic Mascara Drama & Curl

I really enjoy trying out new mascaras and I've rarely come across awful ones in the past. I like to have dramatic lashes and my mascara needs to deliver length and volume, without smudging or flaking through the day. It seems like I'm not asking for much right? Let's take a closer look at the Eyeko Black Magic Mascara (I'm using the travel sized version).

The Eyeko Black Magic Mascara promises to deliver maximum drama with a carbon black finish and transform the lashes so it would appear like you're wearing falsies. I always take such claims with a grain of salt and I didn't want to expect too much before I tried it. I have the travel sized version which contains 4 ml of product and the packaging reminds me more of an eyeshadow primer with a squeezy tube rather than a standard plastic mascara tube. The formula was slightly on the wet side when I first started using it, but after a week it became thicker.
The wand is medium sized and has a curved brush that fits nicely at the root of the lashes. The bristles on the brush are the same length which makes it a real task not getting them to touch my eyelid so I always(!!) end up smudging it on my lid even if I'm extremely careful when I'm applying it. Other than that it also doesn't deliver the promised amount of length, but adds quite some volume in the roots of the lashes. First coat only minimally enhances my lashes and looks more grey-black, than promised carbon black, but the second coat makes it up, at least a bit. If I forget to curl my lashes before applying this mascara I know I'm going to have a pretty bad lash day (if that's a thing). It doesn't smudge, transfer or flake during the day and removes easily at the end of the day (on the packaging it says that it is water-resistant, but I wouldn't agree with that claim). It keeps my lashes curled for most of the day, but keeps me in a perpetual state of wanting more impact from it.
 Applied (I curled my lashes before applying it):
All in all, it's not terrible considering it stays put for the entire day, but since it doesn't deliver maximum drama - volume, length and curl, as stated on the packaging it's more of an everyday mascara for me, that will somewhat enhance your lashes. Not terrible, but also not amazing. Available here.

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