torek, 23. februar 2016

LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

Lemony Flutter from Lush is a thick buttery cuticle cream. I've used up a whole pot in the past and I picked up another one a couple of months ago because my cuticles often get extremely dry and cracked in the winter time. I always forget to wear gloves when I'm outside and dry cuticles are an unwanted consequence. This butter is one of a kind in its effectiveness, when it comes to combating and healing dry skin.

Lemony Flutter comes in a smaller sized black pot and contains 50 g of product. I find the content to last several months, because you only need a tiny bit for the hands and cuticles - about a pea sized amount. It contains a lemon infusion to help brighten the skin and lighten nails, while beeswax, mango butter and cold-pressed avocado oil, as well as some other nourishing butters and oils, help to moisturize and soften the skin. The texture is on the thicker side and has an incredible fresh and creamy citrusy scent. I primarily use it for my cuticles and a general overnight hand treatment in the evening. I can see a difference on my cuticles overnight, but it takes a couple of days to help them heal completely. It leaves the hands greasy, because it's such a heavy treatment, and I usually massage it into the skin for at least 10 minutes, to really work it into the skin, while I'm binge watching a TV show in the evening (currently Narcos). It needs about 15-20 minutes to sink in completely, so it's not the best to use while you're working at the computer for example. I also try to remember to use it in the morning, but use even less, so it sinks in quicker. Lemony Flutter is a multi purpose butter and can obviously also be used on other dry and rough areas, like elbows, heels, etc. I would love if they made a body butter or lotion with the same zesty scent for the summer time.
Applied to the skin: 
I find it is an indispensable item for me in the winter time because my cuticles are always dry and cracked, so I'm keeping it on my night stand to remind me I need to use it daily.
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  1. Lemony flutter je odličen <3 se je pa meni vedno pokvaril na koncu, ker je res velika količina :(

  2. Tudi meni je top, čeprav ga sedaj že en čas nimam. Se je pa isto kot Ini tudi meni na koncu pokvaril, ker ga je res veliko in se ga dolgo ne porabi.