četrtek, 21. januar 2016

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

I've already mentioned this Face Cleanser from First Aid Beauty in my 2015 Skincare Favourites when it finally made it back to my stash, after I've used one tube in 2014. My skin has been drastically improving in the past three months when I made a couple of changes in my skin care and adding this cleanser back, seems to be doing the trick.

Often you'd hear that people find it pointless spending a lot of money for cleansers because they don't really stay on the skin for that long. That might be the case for someone with healthy normal skin, but throughout the years I've realized that a nice and quality cleanser is a crucial part in my skin care routine. I've tried a couple of items from First Aid Beauty before (I reviewed Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay and Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask) and have mainly had positive experiences with them. As a disclaimer my skin is oily, sensitive, prone to redness and breakouts. 
The First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser comes in different sizes but you get the best price point when you purchase the large 142 g size (or one of their trial sets with several items) that lasts me 3-4 months with using it twice daily. The pearly white cleanser is unscented and has a soft and rich creamy texture. I apply it onto dry skin, massage it in, add some water so it starts to lather and wash it off. It leaves the skin soft, clean and doesn't feel drying. It removes all impurities and even works well at removing make up on it own, but I prefer to use it as a second cleanser in the evening (following the L'Occitane Immortelle Oil Make-Up Remover/Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm) and as my morning cleanser. As I've already mentioned a couple of times, I was dealing with major skin issues at the end of 2014 and last year, to the point that my skin actually hurt from breakouts and irritation even if I wasn't necessarily touching it. Adding this cleanser back into my routine has coincidentally led it close to it's state in spring/summer 2014, when I last remember it being clear. I'm not exactly there yet, but hopefully it will last this time *knocks on wood*. Now I keep a back up in my stash, so I won't reach for something else when I run out next time.
Choosing right skin care products can be very problematic depending on individual's skin type, so be mindful when you're introducing new products into your routine. At the same time I feel like you can't go wrong with this cleanser because it's so gentle yet effective and in my case has actually made a difference.
Available here or here.

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  1. Guilty! Jaz sem tista, ki vedno misli, da ne bom zapravljala za cleansers, ker so res najmanj na koži. Pa saj tega si že tako dolgo ogledujem. Ko bo budget dopuščal bo zagotovo šel v košarico :). Všeč mi je, da je tako nežen in brez parfumov.

    Odlična ocena! :D

    1. Hvala. Mislim da je večina takšnega mnenja - sem bila tudi sama, dokler nisem preizkusila Ole Henriksen in tega cleanserja. Priporočam res :)