sreda, 06. januar 2016

2015 in Review

Before I start with posting more beauty reviews for 2016 I wanted to write another post about last year and feature some links to my most well read posts from 2015. I won't be doing any new year's resolutions because each and every day is an opportunity to start making changes in one's life and I honestly don't think New Year is even worth celebrating in the way that it currently is.
Links to the 8 most read posts from last year in case you missed any:

I thought of making another list of my favourite posts, but that would mainly just include products I already listed in the last two posts, which you can find here (makeup faves) and here (skincare faves). My favourite posts usually include writing about exciting new launches, be it drugstore or high end, but by the time local distributers actually decide to start selling them here, the whole world has usually already moved one to something else, which can be mildly frustrating.

Thank you for reading and lets hope 2016 turns out exactly like you want it to be.

3 komentarji:

  1. Ko gledam o najbolj branih objavah tako na svojem kot drugih blogih, ugotavljam, da ljudje zelo radi berejo o drogerijskih in cenejših znamkah, čeprav pri tebi vidim, da je tudi Chanel visoko na listi. :)

    1. Bolj so brane objave izdelkov cenejšega ranga, res je:)

    2. Res, čeprav meni bi bilo bolj smiselno ravno obratno :)