sobota, 30. januar 2016

January Favourites (2016)

Today I have my January favourites ready to share with you. Most of these I’ve also loved using in December but since I skipped that favourites post (and did a yearly roundup of make up and skincare favourites) I thought they deserved a mention here.

ponedeljek, 25. januar 2016

L'Oreal Brow Artist Shaper in 02 - Blonde

When it comes to brows I don't like to spend too much time fussing around. My brows are naturally very light and especially in the summer, if I spend a lot of time outside in the sun, they tend to fade into an even lighter shade and become pretty much invisible. I've though about tinting them, but seeing my mom do it in the past, when they look too dark for the first week and then quickly fade back into their old shade, it seems like that would be pointless repeating every couple of weeks. 

sobota, 23. januar 2016

Empty Products #13

In my last Empty Products post I've already mentioned that I have a bunch more empty packaging laying around in my empties box ready to be talked about, so I'm making two of these posts this month. I try to not wait too long between them as it is, because then I tend to forget how I actually felt about a certain product, especially if I wasn't super impressed by it. I included links to previous reviews.

četrtek, 21. januar 2016

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

I've already mentioned this Face Cleanser from First Aid Beauty in my 2015 Skincare Favourites when it finally made it back to my stash, after I've used one tube in 2014. My skin has been drastically improving in the past three months when I made a couple of changes in my skin care and adding this cleanser back, seems to be doing the trick.

ponedeljek, 18. januar 2016

Max Factor Velvet Volume False Lash Effect Mascara

Today I have another mascara review to share. They are one of my favourite products to test out and although I have a favourite I like trying out new ones, just to see if I happen to like anything more than the Max Factor's 2000 Calorie Mascara. Lately I've been using the Max Factor Velvet Volume False Lash Effect Mascara* which promises to deliver mostly volume and make your lashes appear as if you were wearing falsies.

četrtek, 14. januar 2016

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

It's been a while since I bought this Camomile Cleansing Butter from The Body Shop and since my experience with it wasn't the best I was contemplating if I should even write a post about it. This Cleansing Butter has a very rich and thick buttery texture that doesn't go along well with my oily skin.

ponedeljek, 11. januar 2016

Empty Products #12

I have the first batch of empties to share with you in 2016. I also have another box of empty products ready to photograph, so it's very likely that I'll be posting two Empty Products posts this month just so I don't get behind with these and have too many empty products laying around.

petek, 08. januar 2016

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer (010 Porcellain, 020 Light Beige)

Last fall Catrice Cosmetics released a line of concealers and since they were promising high coverage I was immediately interested. I need a reliable product to cover red marks from blemishes and since my skin is fair these can really stand out. I picked up both shades when they were initially released and late last summer I was mixing both to get a matching shade for my skin, while I used the lighter one as a brightening under eye concealer and in some other areas.

sreda, 06. januar 2016

2015 in Review

Before I start with posting more beauty reviews for 2016 I wanted to write another post about last year and feature some links to my most well read posts from 2015. I won't be doing any new year's resolutions because each and every day is an opportunity to start making changes in one's life and I honestly don't think New Year is even worth celebrating in the way that it currently is.
Links to the 8 most read posts from last year in case you missed any:

I thought of making another list of my favourite posts, but that would mainly just include products I already listed in the last two posts, which you can find here (makeup faves) and here (skincare faves). My favourite posts usually include writing about exciting new launches, be it drugstore or high end, but by the time local distributers actually decide to start selling them here, the whole world has usually already moved one to something else, which can be mildly frustrating.

Thank you for reading and lets hope 2016 turns out exactly like you want it to be.

ponedeljek, 04. januar 2016

2015 Beauty Favourites, pt. 2 (Skincare)

Today I have the second part of my 2015 Beauty Favourites ready. This post will focus mainly on skin care items that I loved using last year along with some body care items at the end. Reviews are linked for reference. 

sobota, 02. januar 2016

2015 Beauty Favourites, pt. 1 (Makeup)

Today I have a list of some favourites ready to share. I tried to edit my selection, but as you can see from the first photo I still included quite a few products. I will be making another post about my skin care favourites so check back soon if you're interested in reading those. Previous reviews are linked for reference and swatches.