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Empty Products #9 (October 2015)

Today I have another batch of empties to share with you. This time I decided to not skip one month so there isn't an enormous amount of products to share, but there are still quite a few ones I used up.
Sugar Strip Ease - unless you opt for shaving, every other hair removal procedure is bound to be somewhat painful. I’ve been using an epilator for a couple of years already, but in the past year it seems like it’s about to stop working, so I’ve been exploring some other methods while I find a decent replacement. The Sugar Strip Ease is a sugar paste that you heat up and it turns into thick honey-like consistency. It’s as close to a ’painless’ hair removal as you can get and the cotton strips you get with it are reusable. It doesn’t irritate my skin and is able to remove even really tiny hairs. I've used up a couple of these before (here and here) and already have another replacement.
John Frieda Beach Blonde Shampoo - this was my shampoo of choice this past summer and it did a lovely job at cleansing the hair and leaving it with some volume, texture and a lovely minty scent. I also used the conditioner from the same line and I still have about half the amount left. They worked great together, but would probably feel a bit too drying for dry hair. I’m using a different shampoo right now, but will probably get this one again next summer.
Garner Oil Body Oil-Infused Nourishing Scrub - a very lovely oil based scrub that turns into a milk consistency when you wash it off with water. The particles inside weren’t to harsh on the skin and the oil left my skin really soft. I’m currently trying to use up other scrubs I have, but might get it again in the future.
Le Petit Marseillais Peach & Nectarine Shower Gel - another lovely shower gel from the brand. I’ve tried quite a few shower gels from them over the past year and pretty much enjoyed all of them. I’m already using another Peony scented one right now.
Balea Fuss Balsam Intensive Pflege - this was very average, especially compared to an old favourite - the Scholl Sensitive Balm. It felt like it wasn’t doing much for dry skin on my heels and I’m throwing it away even though it’s not completely empty yet.
Batiste Oriental Dry Shampoo - I’ve pretty much been using only Batiste Dry Shampoos and I really liked this one. It doesn’t leave a white residue on the hair, leaves the hair smelling gorgeous, refreshes it and adds volume. The Oriental fragrance features notes of Jasmine, Sandalwood and Wild Berry that add up a very luxurious scent. I'll probably repurchase this one once I down size my collection a bit.
Balea Aqua Serum - I mentioned this in my favourites last month and it’s quickly become a staple in my skin care routine. I’m already on on second bottle, because I use it morning and night. It’s really lightweight on the skin, sinks in quickly, doesn’t break me out and is really affordable.
The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum - This serum felt quite similar to the Balea one, but was more potent and I only had to use half a pump most times, while I have to use a full pump with Balea. It felt really nice and moisturizing on the skin and left a semi-matte finish. 
Bioderma Sebium Purifying Foaming Gel - a quite average facial gel. It felt slightly drying and didn’t do the best job at removing make up on it’s own. It had a weird scent and I wouldn’t get the full size.
Vichy Normaderm Unclogging Exfoliating Gel - this scrub was my go to cleanser/scrub a couple of years ago. It removed make up well, cleaned the skin nicely but ti did feel slightly stripping/drying on my skin. The scrub particles inside were pretty gentle and I’d say suitable to use daily. I don’t think I’ll repurchase it.
Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser - another product I raved about in my last month's favourites. This was the small sample that got me hooked on it and I’m dreading the day I run out of my current bottle, because it’s quite pricey. The foam has a gentle citrusy scent, cleans the skin well, without stripping and the ingredients inside actually help with brightening and refreshing the skin.
Babylove Baby wipes - I used up another package of these. I use them to wipe my hands (I always keep the smaller packaging in my handbag), remove swatches, etc. I tend to have a pack or two always around.
L’Occitane Arlésienne Shower Cream - this was a lovely shower cream, but I used it up really quickly. It made my skin feel really soft and moisturized, while leaving it with a delicate floral fragrance. These shower gels tend to be quite pricey, but they’re always nice to give someone as a gift (yourself included #treatyoself).
L’Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate - one of my favourite products from L’Occitan. I’ve never actually bought the full size, but when even I buy something there I ask for samples of it. It fells like silk on the skin, sinks in instantly and leaves a lovely scent behind, while the softness lasts for an entire day. The price on the full size is ridiculous but it’s been calling my name, so when I use up other body milks/butters in my stash this baby will be coming home with me.
Lacoste Touch of Pink EDT - I used to adore this scent, but now it’s way too sweet and simple, with notes that aren’t really calling my name. It wasn’t too bad in the summer when I prefer lighter scents, but it’s not something I’m thinking about repurchasing. If you have teenagers/young adults in your life this EDT would probably be a nice gift for them, because the scent is really youthful, with fruity (citrusy) and sweet notes.
Sephora Nail Buffer Block - I remember Fleur de Force raving about these every time she goes to Sephora, so of course I bought one myself and for me this was pretty use less. It has four sides to shape, buff and smooth the nail surface but it didn’t last nearly as long as I hoped it would. If you have any recommendations for nail files leave them in the comments.
Nivea Dry Comfort Plus Anti-perspirant - Before plunging into the world of natural deodorants this was the last anti-perspirant I used. It worked really well with preventing any unwanted scents, but didn’t really prevent sweating. I’m pretty happy with my current Nuxe deodorant, but if I ever decide to go back to ‘regular’ deodorants/anti-perspirants, I would get this one again.
Bamford Geranium, Lavender & Peppermint Body Wash - a lovely refreshing body wash that was really helpful in combating the summer heat. The peppermint felt really cooling, while lavender and geranium added delicate floral and herbal-y notes to the scent. I wouldn’t buy the full size, because it seems a bit overpriced.

Have you tried any of the mentioned products before? Let me know in the comments.

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