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6 Bronzed Eyeshadow Picks for Fall

Bronze and golden eyeshadows are a staple on my makeup menu around the year, but they are my very favourite thing to wear in the fall. I love warm colours on my eyes and today I have 6 picks from my collection to share. They’re all beautiful shimmers that enhance the eye and add that something to the lids, whether you wear them as light washes of color or incorporated into a full on dramatic smokey eye.

Unintentionally, most of these are cream eyeshadows. This formula is one of my favourites to work with, because it can be used as a sheer base eyeshadow for other powder eyeshadows or as eyeliner, but they look just as nice on their own and require minimal effort with blending, even with using just your finger tips. I've already reviewed all of these and will link to their full reviews below if you're interested in seeing more comparison swatches and more info about each shade.
Stick eyeshadows are super convenient to use, especially for travelling. I've included four, from different price-points, but in a way all formulas are comparable regarding their longevity on the lids, especially when used with a primer. Especially similar formulas are in general from Kiko and Laura Mercier, where the latter comes in a slightly nicer packaging and has better pigmentation, but both can be built up to desired intensity. For this post I chose Kiko's Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 06 Golden Brown (medium golden brown) and Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick Eye Color in Moonlight (warm shimmery taupe).
The most interesting formula from the bunch comes from Chanel's Stylo Eyeshadow in 147 Caroube, from their last Summer Collection, but the shade looks stunning for fall as well. These eyeshadows feel cooling when applied to the eyes and set very quickly so have a brush of fingers ready for action. Rimmel's Scandaleyes Stick in 003 Bad Girl Bronze is another great drugstore option and is a deepened warm shimmery bronze. As you blend it out it can lose the color vibrancy a bit, but can easily be built up again with another swipe on the lids.
Another creamy eyeshadow comes from Maybelline's Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in On and on Bronze. This is probably one of the most raved about eyeshadow formulas from the drugstore, but it's really that great and the shade is super flattering and easy to apply. Mine has gotten slightly drier over the years, but it still wears well. The only powder eyeshadow I included is the Himalia Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow from Nars. It has a soft almost creamy texture, especially when applied with a wet brush, when the shade deepens and intensifies into a gorgeous golden bronze.
I've included two sets of comparison swatches:

What are some of your favourite eyeshadow shades and formulas for the fall?

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  1. Čudovit izbor! *_*

    1. Se mi zdi, da med izbranimi vsakdo lahko najde kaj zase :)

    2. Definitivno. Če ne drugače, pa lahko vsaj najdeš navdih, kar se barve tiče. Recimo ta od Rimmla mi je še posebej všečna in zna se zgodit, da si jo bom dejansko naročila. :)

    3. Ta odtenek od Rimmel je res tak topel in jesenski, ampak barva precej zbledi, ko ga blendaš.

  2. I love bronze eyeshadows, they're just so easy to work with and look so flattering :) the Maybelline one is my all time favourite x