sobota, 31. oktober 2015

Essence No Make-up Look Nail Polish in 01 Powdery Rose

The other day I saw swatches of this polish online and immediately fell in love with the shade. I don't exactly follow Essence's new releases too closely, but I'm pretty sure this is from one of their more recent ones.

ponedeljek, 26. oktober 2015

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in 260 - Alezane

One of the items from this year's Chanel Fall collection that sparked my interest the most was this lovely Joues Contraste Powder Blush in 260 - Alezane. I had high hopes for my first Chanel blush and I'm happy to report that I love everything about it. 

sobota, 24. oktober 2015

6 Bronzed Eyeshadow Picks for Fall

Bronze and golden eyeshadows are a staple on my makeup menu around the year, but they are my very favourite thing to wear in the fall. I love warm colours on my eyes and today I have 6 picks from my collection to share. They’re all beautiful shimmers that enhance the eye and add that something to the lids, whether you wear them as light washes of color or incorporated into a full on dramatic smokey eye.

sreda, 21. oktober 2015

Essence Big Bright Eyes Jumbo Pencil in 01 Highlight it...Nude

Essence products are often a hit or miss, but when they come up with something good it's usually back-up worthy. This eyeliner is in my opinion definitely one of the latter.

ponedeljek, 19. oktober 2015

H&M Beauty Haul

A couple of days ago I finally had a chance to check out the newly released Beauty Collection by H&M. I was quite short on time and the selection was overwhelming so I only picked up a couple of items. My first impressions from swatching in store and seeing the packaging and presentation are that it reminds me of Kiko - offering mostly great quality make up at an accessible price point. I've yet to try and test most of the items I picked up, so don't hold me to that if you got a different impression.

nedelja, 18. oktober 2015

Chanel Le Vernis - 679 Vert Obscur Nail Polish (Collection Les Automnales/Fall 2015)

Last week this year's Fall Collection from Chanel finally landed in our shops. I had a wish-list ready since I saw the first promo images about two months ago and was anxiously awaiting it's launch over here. In some places around the world the Holiday collection is already available, but we'll have to wait until mid-/end November before it launches here. The first review from my picks I'll be sharing today is one of the three nail polishes - the 679 Vert Obscur.

petek, 16. oktober 2015

Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid (Salicylic Acid)

Being in my mid-twenties my skin sometimes still behaves like I'm in my teens. I hate it when people get a blemish or two and get all dramatic, saying things like 'I need to use a full coverage foundation today to even show my face' and posting ridiculous posts like '5 items that will get rid of blemishes for sure' when I've tried it all and there's certainly not a one-product solution for this issue. There are a lot of causes, mainly stress, unbalanced diets and wrong skin care items people decide to use - I'm guilty of all three, but throughout the years or trial and error I have discovered some products that actually have an effect on fighting and reducing acne and blackheads. One of those almost *miracle* products for me is Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Salicylic Acid.

sreda, 14. oktober 2015

ponedeljek, 12. oktober 2015

Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit in Opulent Nudes

I love a good neutral eyeshadow palette. A couple of weeks ago I received the Luxe Lilacs Smokey Eye Drama Kit and really liked the quality of the quad, but since lilac and violet shades aren't really a regular feature on my eyelids I decided to buy another 'more wearable' color variety from the launch.

sobota, 10. oktober 2015

Essence Matt Touch Blush in 20 - Berry Me Up

For fall Essence released two Matte Blushes. I haven’t tried too many of their blushes so I can’t compare with other formulas, but was pleasantly surprised with this one. While the packaging is very simple see through plastic and underwhelming, you can’t really blame them for the price you’re paying.

sreda, 07. oktober 2015

NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in 'Himalia'

I've been contemplating getting one of these NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows since they first came out and I've finally splurged on one - the beautiful shade Himalia. I'm really intrigued by the majority of NARS products but most of the time their price point is still a solid enough reason that I don't go adding every product of theirs to my shopping basket.

ponedeljek, 05. oktober 2015

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color in Light

I already mentioned this Stila Brow Color in my September monthly favourites and since I've been using it daily for over a month it's only fair it gets a proper review. I've been a massive fan of Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner and was looking forward to try more of their products. I noticed that this one was mentioned by the make-up artist/goddess Lisa Eldridge so I thought it was worth giving a try. They've since changed the packaging and it looks a lot more luxurious now.

četrtek, 01. oktober 2015

August & September 2015 Favourites

I skipped August's Favourites post, because I just kept using most of the items from the two previous months, along with a couple new additions. There are many items I keep using month after month, but for the sake of keeping these posts slightly more interesting I tend not to repeat too many items.