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July (& June) Favourites

Last month I somehow wasn't in the mood to write about my monthly favourites, so this post includes products that I've been using for the past two months.
Starting with foundation, I've been loving Chanel's Perfection Lumiére Velvet in 10 Beige. It has a velvety feel and semi-matte finish, that I can appreciate in the summer. The shade is quite adaptable and last year I wore it long into the fall (I was pretty tanned last summer). Depending on the amount of self tanner I wear, this matches my skin perfectly, but if it's too light, I add some liquid bronzer from Stila.
A summer must for my skin is powder. I've been really liking the Healthy Balance one from Bourjois. It's mattifying but doesn't look flat and looks great on the skin with the Chanel foundation. I use the shade 52 - Vanilla, which also adds some color, and I really wish it came in a another lighter shade I could use in the fall/winter/spring.
Along I've been using the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Kit. I mainly use the first two highlighting and shading powders, but I've found that the last two can be used on the eyes, since my skin can never be dark enough to use those as a bronzer/highlighter.
I've been keeping my eyes pretty simple. Primer is a must, and I love my old favourite Eyeshadow Primer Potion from Urban Decay. It keeps eyeshadows from smudging and extends their wear. Another oldie it the On and On Bronze Color Tattoo Eyeshadow from Maybelline - a perfect no fuss shade, that looks flattering on the eyes and makes you look like you've actually put some effort into your eye look. The finishing touch is mascara. Most prefer waterproof versions for the summer, but I've used Max Factor's Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 Volumising Mascara for the past few months and never found it smudging or flaking on me.
Fragrance wise, I prefer something lighter in the summer time. I love the Cherry Blossom EDT  L'Occitane released this spring. It's a perfect youthful and sophisticated fruity and floral mix with a twist. In the summer the lasting power is a little weaker though, around 4-4,5 hours.
The final product has been a more recent addition to my self-tanners (when I was looking for the toner that Mateja mentioned) and I really like it. The Sun Dance Self-Tanning Cream is a semi thick moisturizer/self-tanner. Depending on the amount you apply you can build the color in just one night or use less and have it work as more of a gradual tanner. It doesn't irritate my skin and leaves a very natural finish. You should wash your hands well after using it, because it can leave yellow marks on the palms.

I've also been obsessed with one particular song, after reading an article about The Weeknd on New York Times website. I like to keep my cultural references current, but I've fallen behind on following what's going on, because there's simply too many new books/TV shows/artists/etc. that get hyped about. You've probably heard his more recent, radio-friendly hits, but this song The Zone has a special spaced-out pop/r'n'b vibe, that somehow really got into my ears (and it's far from what you'd usually find on my playlist).
The book I'm currently reading (and I'm almost done with) is Patti Smith's autobiography Just Kids. It just so happens that I picked up the book recently and she just had a show in Ljubljana this Sunday (I never actually listened to her perform music). The book is beautifully & poetically written and describes her and her lover/bestie Robert's artistic efforts, relationships and gaining their first audiences in New York. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone.

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