sreda, 19. avgust 2015

Essence Liquid Lipstick in 02 Beauty Secret

The latest Essence Fall/Winter collection available at the drugstore also features a fairly new to me product - liquid lipsticks. The range consists of 6 wearable everyday shades and I picked up the one called Beauty Secret.
Whenever I stop by the Essence counter I always feel like their products are mostly made with teenagers as their main consumer in mind, which is probably the reason for their affordable price point and simple packaging. These liquid lipsticks come in a cute plastic tube with transparent bottom that shows the product inside shaped like a lipstick. There's 4 ml of product inside.
I was expecting these to be matte, or at least semi-matte, but they're actually very pigmented glosses. One swipe gives opaque coverage on the lips, but you will need more strokes for a precise application. The brush also tends to hold on more product that I need per application. The formula doesn't set into lip lines and the color fades away evenly. The shade that I picked up is unscented, but has a slight sweet taste to it. Since it has a glossy finish it easily transfers to a glass when I drink, but there's still enough color left on my lips, even after some snacking, that I don't have to reapply for around 3-3,5 hours. It doesn't feel sticky on the lips, but you'll definitely know you're wearing something. It actually feels somewhat hydrating.
I love the shade and have been wearing it pretty much everyday since I got it. It's a perfect dusty muted rose that goes with pretty much every make up look. Now if only they made it in a non-glossy finish as well, I probably wouldn't wear anything else on my lips. Ever.
Swatched: Essence Liquid Lipstick in 02 Beauty Secret along with Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 07 Nude-ist that everyone seems to have & love so much (They both have pretty similar packaging and shade undertones; Nude-ist is deeper and has a velvety-matte finish):
On my lips:
Despite my first disappointment that these aren't matte liquid lipsticks I ended up liking the formula and the color a lot. If I remember correctly these cost somewhere between 3-4 € and are definitely worth checking out, especially if you like a glossy finish when it comes to lip products.
Available here in 6 different shades.

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  1. Meni je tudi zelo všeč. Imam odtenek 03 almost real, ki je tak lep nude odtenek. Se strinjam s tabo, zelo udbono za nošenje. To je zame bolj pigmentirana verzija njihovih lip perfectorjev, ki so prav tako udobje na ustnicah :). Želim si, da bi imeli še kakšen peach odtenek, pa očitno ne bo nič iz tega.

    1. Na strani sicer piše, da naj bi imeli en peachy odtenek (vsaj sodeč po imenu: 05 Peach Party), ampak sem šla bolj na hitro mimo takrat in mi je samo ta padel v oči :) Mogoče bodo pa kasneje dodali še kak nov odtenek, če se bodo dobro prodajali.

  2. Verjetno ga bom že zaradi odtenka kupila, čeprav sem pa jaz tudi malce razočarana, da niso matte.

    1. Škoda, ampak je vsaj spodobna kvaliteta. Catrice imajo tudi nekaj podobnega za jesen (Shine Appeal Fluid), isto z glossy finišem.