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Catrice Chocolate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette - 010 Choc'Let It Be

Today I'll continue with reviewing another product from the Catrice Fall collection. Earlier this week I wrote about their Eye'Matic Eyepowder Pen in 040 - Keep Calm and Love This Colour and in this post you can find out more about the Chocolate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, that was on the top of my wish list when I first saw the press release.

The eyeshadow palette comes in sleek plastic packaging with a clear lid that closes securely and is quite compact. There are 6 eyeshadows inside, containing 6 g/0.21 oz. of product. They are formulated with carmine, which is an animal based red-dye, so if you're vegan/sensitive/allergic to it, you might want to skip this palette (the Eye'Matic pens contain it as well). The shimmery shades feel soft and almost creamy to the touch, while the mattes don't feel as nice. Some of the shades appear to be quite powdery, so there can be some fall out. They blend nicely.
Since I'm obsessed with warm tones in eyeshadows, especially medium brown and golden shades, it was almost inevitable for me to try this palette. This is my first eyeshadow palette from Catrice and I was expecting it to perform better in terms of pigmentation. The majority of eyeshadow palettes in my collection are higher range - Urban Decay, Chanel, the Balm, bareMinerals etc, so I was very disappointed with the pigmentation of this palette since I've read many positive reviews about other palettes from them. When I use it on my eyes it takes a lot of time to build up the shades and for the colors to show up, except for the last shade. In the palette they included a sponge tip applicator with a small brush at the other end, and the sponge is actually the best way to pack color on the lids.
Shade 1: shimmery pearly highlighting color
Shade 2: matte skin-coloured shade (base for all over the lid)
Shade 3: matte neutral taupe (this one takes forever to built up in the crease/outer corner)
Shade 4: shimmery medium chocolatey brown (the most pigmented in the palette, but I still have trouble picking it up with a brush - sponge tip applicator works best)
Shade 5: gorgeous shimmery golden shade (also needs some layering to show up like in the swatches)
Shade 6: matte warm chocolatey brown
I've been using this palette daily since I got it and despite some pigmentation issues I've really grown to like it for the finished look I get with it. Combined with a primer I get over 10 hours of wear without creasing, but with slight fading after 8 hours. I love the shades inside, but the palette is a bit bothersome to use because it really takes a lot of work to build up some of the colors. On the other hand it's almost impossible to make the looks really dark, so I find it great to use for work everyday, without using anything else but some mascara on the lashes.
Sample everyday look using this palette:
On medium to dark skin this would probably be pointless to even try, but on fair-light skin you can still make it work, if you take your time building up the intensity of the shades. The quality isn't comparable to something like the Naked palette from Urban Decay, but if you're on a budget (it costs 5,29 €) and don't have too many similar palettes already you should still check it out in store.

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  1. Iskreno povedano tudi jaz nisem navdušena nad to paletko. Barve so mi izjemno lepe, ampak kvaliteta ni tisto kar sem navajena od Catrice. Njihova mat paletka je odlična in ravno zato mi sploh ni jasno kako so lahko mat senčila v tej paletki tako slabe kvalitete, sploh tretji odtenek je kompletno razočaranje. Saj se da naredit lep makeup, ampak je potrebno veliko plasti in primer, da izgleda ok. Investirali so samo v izgled paletke, na kvaliteto so pa pozabili. Matt in Nude paletki sta veliko boljši.

    1. Se mi je zdelo, da sem pri tebi brala dobre ocene za Nude in Matt paletki, zato sem se tudi veselila preizkusiti tole. Barve so mi zelo lepe, ampak sem tudi sama precej razočarana na povprečno kvaliteto. :/ Bom za rdečila in bronzerje raje počakala ocene drugih, preden še kaj kupim.