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Bourjois Liner Feutre (Felt-tip) Eyeliner

I thought it was about time to give another liquid eyeliner a chance, and give the one that I love using from Stila a well deserved break. I swatched several eyeliners from Bourjois in-store and decided to settle for the Liner Feutre Eyeliner, because it seemed to be the blackest of them all.

The liner has a felt-tip applicator shaped into a marker style with a fine tip. It promises to be very long-lasting, but as soon as I touched my eyes it would smudge. Don't get water close to it either, because it will run and bleed all over your lids. The tip is not too soft, to the point that it would bend when I use it, or too stiff, making the application fairly simple and controllable. It's also easy to control the thickness of the line and eye flick.
As soon as I got home I had to compare it to my trusty Stila eyeliner (that I've had for close to a year now). I immediately noticed the black Bourjois eyeliner was more of a browny-black compared to Stila (swatches below). The formula from Bourjois also has nothing on Stila that lives up to the Stay All Day claim in it's name - on the eyes it appears greyish-black with a matte finish and while it applies easily has a very average staying power and longevity in comparison.
Since I wasn't super impressed when I used it for the first couple of times I stored it upside down to reach for it again. Fast forward to about one month later when I did: the eyeliner had pretty much dried out, to the point that applying it to one eye only became a chore and the liner would tug on my lids and I had to use several layers for a decent color pay off. And it was too dry to even use it on both eyes.
On my eyes (applied two-three layers to appear 'black' + mascara):
Now, I don't know if I just got a bad half-dried out liner from the start because it seemed to work ok-ish in the beginning. What is most upsetting is the fact that Bourjois prices tend to be on the higher end of drugstore so this liner wasn't cheap (10€), especially when I compare it to the one from Stila (18€) that has been working so well for almost a year now (not with daily use, though).
If you're thinking of getting the Bourjois liner I would absolutely recommend the Stila one instead. 

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