sreda, 22. julij 2015

Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Facial Wipes

I've steered away from using facial wipes for removing make up, but I still keep one or two packs in my stash, just in case, if I want to quickly remove and reapply make up, or I just want to remove everything when I get home, but don't feel like cleansing my skin properly yet. I've used several products from Yes to before so I was really looking forward to trying these Grapefruit Cleansing wipes, since they promise to cleanse, exfoliate and brighten with fruity acids at the same time.

They come in a plastic packaging with an added lid, so they don't dry out too quickly and have a pleasant grapefruit-citrusy scent. There's 25 wipes inside and they are textured. They aren't the softest and the texture definitely adds to the exfoliating factor. They are infused with enough product and don't feel too dry or too wet.
They remove make up well, including the eyes (I haven't tried them to remove waterproof mascara), but leave a burning feel on my skin and sting my eyes really badly, to the point when they start watering. Often when you use chemical exfoliants, you can feel a slight tingle on the skin after, but these really burn when I use them, so I wouldn't recommend them to someone with sensitive skin, that easily gets red and irritated. I tried them several times and they always felt the same, so now I only use them to remove swatches from my arms.
I really prefer the Cucumber ones a lot more, they feel more gentle and refreshing on the skin.
If you want to try them out, you can get them here.

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