petek, 29. maj 2015

Melvita Rose Extraordinary Water

Today I'll be talking about another skin care item. I've mentioned the Melvita Rose Extraordinary Water* twice this month already (here and here), so it's about time it gets its own review. I've also just used up my first bottle and was super happy I found another one in the goodie bag from the Melvita event in February.

The product normally comes in a plastic packaging with 100 ml of product inside, but pictured here is the luxe sample with 25 ml of product. This amount is more than enough to give you a feel for the product and decide weather you like it or not.
The Rose Extraordinary Water is a hydrating liquid you can apply before a moisturizer or make up. I usually apply it before serum to help it boost its hydrating power. My skin is oily, sensitive and prone to break outs but I've found this product working great at adding hydration to the skin while also being refreshing and lightweight. The water has a rose scent but it's not overpowering and dissipates soon after you apply to to the skin, so I don't mind it. I usually use gentle tapping motions with my hands when I apply it (using cotton pads seems wasteful), then wait a minute or two and follow up with a serum. The texture of this product is runny and something between a serum or gel. It also contains hyaluronic acid which adds a plumping and smoothing effect to the skin. Melvita products are also formulated with natural and organic ingredients. 
With the up coming warmer weather many adjust their skincare routine to using lighter but still hydrating products and I would highly recommend adding this step to you routine. You can use it either in conjunction with a serum like I currently do, or instead of one, since it really provides the skin with enough moisture. 

Melvita Rose Extraordinary Water is available from their website, in stores around the world or on FeelUnique.

Intenzivna vodica Vrtnica je na voljo tukaj, ostale Melvita izdelke lahko kupite tudi v trgovinah po vsej Sloveniji.

*PR Sample

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  1. Meni je tale zakon. Pa tole mini rmbalazo sem imela od eventa in jo redno uporabljala. Imama pa vidimbpodobno kozo. Samo da moja je mesana. Licka suha, T predel masten. Obcutljiva in na T predelu zelo dovzetna za grozne mozolje :(