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Chanel Summer 2015 Collection Méditerranée - Lumière d'Eté Illuminating Powder in Golden Bronze LE Review & Swatches

I had no intentions of buying any new make up last week - especially not from Chanel. But then I casually walked past the counter and spotted the new Summer collection was already in stock. I wasn't expecting it to arrive to our small country until May, actually, so this was a pleasant surprise. I swatched a couple of items and held myself back from splurging and walked away, but when I got home I turned right around and went back to the store. You can already guess that this smells like a disaster for my wallet (here's a preview of what I got).
The first item that called my name was obviously the Lumière d'Eté Illuminating Powder in Golden Bronze LE. The design is embossed with a camellia blossom and is somewhat reminiscent of their Jardin de Chanel Blush Camelia Rose from the spring collection, and is simply beautiful (after taking the photos it took me another day to actually swatch and use it).
There's 8 grams/0.28 oz of product inside (the same amount as in a full sized Nars Laguna Bronzing Powder) and it comes with a black velvety pouch with a small brush applicator with natural bristles. The packaging is standard Chanel - black, luxe, classy and timeless. Once you open the packaging there's also a protective black cover inside so the delicate 3D design of the powder is additionally protected. The powder is meant to be used on one's face and décolletage. 
The powder feels silky soft to the touch and is finely milled. Unlike most Chanel products it doesn't have a particular scent. The color in the compact looks like a warm toned medium brown bronzer, but once you actually apply it, the color is much sheerer. There isn't any visible shimmer inside, but it still adds golden luminosity to my complexion. When I first swatched it, it seemed a bit too warm for my liking, but applied it adds a beautiful glow and warmth. On my light skin tone this product works as a glowy bronzer, but on medium and deeper skin tones this would be a perfect summery highlighter.
The added brush works alright, but if you want to add warmth and radiance to your entire face you might want to use something bigger (I used the super affordable and soft Jessup Large Powder brush). 

-on the left you can see a heavy swatch that already looks much lighter that what it appears like in the pan
-on the right you can see it blended out - it adds slight color and glow
Overall, I'm absolutely in love with my Chanel's Lumière d'Eté Illuminating Powder and I can see that it will get a lot of use in the upcoming summer months. I feel like this was released just in time to compete with the Ambient Bronzers from Hourglass, but from what I've seen online this powder would add a more subtle affect to the skin. If you're on the fence about it definitely go to your nearest Chanel counter and check it out in person. It's on the pricier side, but it's from Chanel, so that's to be expected.

The Chanel Lumière d'Eté Illuminating Powder in Golden Bronze LE is available online from Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus. Since this is a limited edition product you might want to hurry up and get it asap.

V Sloveniji so Chanelovi izdelki naprodaj v Maxiju na oddelku kozmetike, v Nami in prodajalnah Muller (trenutno je v prodajalnah Beautique in v Maxiju na voljo katalog s kuponi, kjer je tudi kupon za 10% popust na en izdelek iz celotne redne ponudbe na oddelku kozmetike, kar sem izkoristila tudi sama - velja do 26.4.).

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  1. Čudovit dizajn *.* Vem da sem tudi norela za Notorious, pa ga ravno ni bilo pri nas. Na splošno imam raje Dior, ampak včasih res izpustijo čudovite izdelke, sploh highlighterje.

    1. Zelo je lep res :) Meni so pa ravno Chanelovi izdelki načeloma veliko bolj všeč v primerjavi z Diorjem :)

  2. It looks nice and light on your skin tone

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