četrtek, 30. april 2015

Chanel Le Vernis - 697 Terrana (Summer 2015)

Today I'll be reviewing the second nail polish I picked up from the latest Chanel Summer 2015 Méditerranée Collection. 697 - Terrana Nail Polish was described as a chocolate brown, which (to be honest) sounded a bit boring and un-summery to me, but when I swatched it at the counter it was love at first sight.

torek, 28. april 2015

Favourite nude(-ish) lipsticks for Spring

It's no secret that nude-ish shades of lipstick are my favourite. I'm yet to find the perfect one, but today I'll be sharing my favourite picks from my stash to wear this spring. 

sobota, 25. april 2015

e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner in 'Black' and 'Copper' Review & Swatches

For the longest time the only eyeliner I used was in the pencil form and then I slowly transitioned to liquid liner (I still love the one from Stila) and now my latest obsession has become gel liner. I picked up two Cream Eyeliners from e.l.f. in Black and Copper a while ago but I never got to really use them a lot, because every brush I had was too flimsy to use.

četrtek, 23. april 2015

Chanel Le Vernis - 707 Mediterranée (Summer 2015)

As I've already mentioned on Sunday the latest Chanel Summer Make up Collection Méditerranée is already available in stores. The whole look was inspired by the French Riviera and you'll be able to find some pretty and summery shades in different items, weather you're into lip, eye or nail products.

torek, 21. april 2015

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in 15 - Seductive Pink & 20 - Lavish Mauve Review & Swatches

Not too long ago Max Factor came out with a genius line of Creme Puff Blushes. My only drugstore blush until now was one from Bourjois, but when I spotted these I knew I had to have them. They are a blend from two tones of different blush pigments and apply beautifully on the cheeks.

nedelja, 19. april 2015

Chanel Summer 2015 Collection Méditerranée - Lumière d'Eté Illuminating Powder in Golden Bronze LE Review & Swatches

I had no intentions of buying any new make up last week - especially not from Chanel. But then I casually walked past the counter and spotted the new Summer collection was already in stock. I wasn't expecting it to arrive to our small country until May, actually, so this was a pleasant surprise. I swatched a couple of items and held myself back from splurging and walked away, but when I got home I turned right around and went back to the store. You can already guess that this smells like a disaster for my wallet (here's a preview of what I got).

sobota, 18. april 2015

Bôcassy Paris Light Day Cream and Serum Review/Bôcassy Lahka dnevna krema in Serum

Today I'll be finally sharing my experience and review for the new skincare line that recently launched in Slovenia (& Croatia). Bôcassy Paris products are made from natural ingredients and are free from parabens. Their skincare line currently consists of anti-age and firming and hydrating products meant for all different skin types. The brand is a result of French-Croatian collaboration, while the products themselves are made in Croatia. 
Danes bom po dobrem mesecu in pol uporabe končno delila svoje mnenje o dveh izdelkih iz nove linije izdelkov za nego kože, ki so jo pred kratkim lansirali v Sloveniji. Izdelki znamke Bôcassy Paris vsebujejo naravne sestavine in so izdelani brez parabenov. Njihova linija izdelkov trenutno obsega izdelke proti staranju in za učvrstitev in vlaženje, ki so namenjeni vsem tipom kože. Znamka je nastala kot rezultat Francosko-Hrvaškega sodelovanja, same izdelke pa proizvajajo na sosednjem Hrvaškem.

ponedeljek, 13. april 2015

Medex Apilana Hands Hand Cream Review

As a self proclaimed hand cream junkie I'm always on the hunt for my next favourite hand cream. I still haven't found *the one*, but several have come close. In the winter time my hands get especially dry to the point where my cuticles are cracked and bleeding (aka no nail polish for me :(). To some extent using a good hand cream can somewhat prevent this. One of the last hand creams that left me impressed was the Apilana hands Hand cream from Medex (a local company that makes honey products).

petek, 10. april 2015

Garnier Oil Beauty Oil-Infused Nourishing Scrub Review

I just realized that I haven't reviewed too many body care products, except for those that I feature in my empties posts, so I decided to write about this one that has been a staple in my shower routine. The Garnier Oil Beauty Oil-Infused Nourishing Scrub was a very pleasant surprise when I got it last summer and I've loved using it since.

sreda, 01. april 2015

March Favourites

Another month has gone by and it's time for another post about my favourite product I've loved using. By the end of each month I always make a list of my fave products so I can quickly gather them to take photos but then I usually end up forgetting to include at least one thing (this month was no exception). Oh well.