sreda, 18. marec 2015

Maybelline Color Drama Velvet Lip Pencils

A lot of different lip products have caught my attention lately. These Velvet Lip Pencils were released by Maybelline last fall, but since the drugstore distributors in our country are very behind at launching any new products released by several brands, we have to be resourceful at finding these in other countries or ordering sight unseen online.
Maybelline came out with 10 shades of Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils ranging from nude to dark berry shades. I decided to order 3 colors that seemed like they would suit me best, based on seeing several swatches online. I picked up: 630 - Nude Perfection, 140 - Minimalist and 210 - Keep It Classy. 
They have a smooth formula and a semi-matte finish (they have a slight sheen even when they set). The formula is easy to apply, but differs between the shades. Keep It Classy seems like the creamiest out of the three, while Minimalist can tug slightly when applying. The formula is surprisingly not drying and nicely pigmented, except for the Minimalist that applies sheer. 
 Swatches: Nude Perfection - Minimalist - Keep It Classy
Nude Perfection - A light brown toned nude. Perfect for everyday wear, stays on my lips about 4 hours (it fades evenly) and starts feeling a bit drying after 3 hours. 
Minimalist - Light pink with shimmer. I thought I would like this one the best, but it's actually my least favourite.
Keep It Classy - I originally picked this up thinking it would be an every day 'my lips but better' shade but it is actually much deeper -  a deep red toned plum/berry shade. It's very pigmented and applies opaque with one swipe. It's creamy and leaves a stain as it fades away. This one lasted about 6 hours without touching up.
Since they aren't available at our drugstores (yet?) I bought them online from Salma - they have all 10 shades available and in general a pretty great selection of make up and fragrances. 
International readers can purchase them from Boots or ASOS.

7 komentarjev:

  1. Keep it classy zgleda čudovito <3

  2. Prvi in zadnji odtenek sta mi prekrasna...Jih imam jaz že tudi nekaj časa nagledane, jih morem kmalu naročit :)

    1. Ja, Keep It Classy in Nude Perfection oba priporočam. :) Ko sem naročala sem največ pričakovala od Minimalist, ampak sta me precej razočarali barva in formula.

  3. Great post! I love 210 Keep it Classy, it gets bonus points for lasting 6 hours ❤

  4. Keep it classy looks gorgeous x
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

  5. I actually think the Minimalist is quite nice! Look very natural on you lips!

    ★ ★

    1. I don't like that it contains shimmer, but other than that it's a lovely shade.