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Essence Make Me Brow (01 Blondy Brows)

I featured this product in my February favourites so it's only appropriate I write a full review and explain why I like using it. With their spring collection Essence came out with a new product for eyebrows and since I'm on a mission of getting my brows looking more defined I was excited to give it a try (for € 2.49 there wouldn't be any harm even if I didn't end up liking it).

Make me Brow comes in a plastic packaging, similar to a mascara, only significantly smaller. It has a small wand with natural bristles that are straight and tall. I sometimes wish the wand would be a bit more pointed at the end, so it would be more precise for application. Since it's so small it disposes just the right amount of product for one application. There's 3.8 ml of product inside and it's available in two shades: 01 Blondy Brows & 02 Browny Brows.
The formula has small fibers inside that can fill any sparse areas and since the gel is tinted you also get some color added to the brows. I find the shade to be a pretty close match for my brows, and it doesn't look red-ish or yellow on me. The color is light brown with a taupe undertone. It also keeps the brows in place, so there's no need for an additional product like a transparent brow gel. For everyday I find this good enough, but when I want to add some more definition and length I have to use another product (usually Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in 'Taupe'). After application you have about a minute or two to work the brows and shape them, where I find I need to use a clean spoolie, or else I would build up too much product.
I think Essence were after creating something similar to Benefit's gimmeBrow, but since we don't have access to Benefit products in Slovenia I can't compare the two. From what I remember the product looking like from seeing it in store I'd say Essence created a pretty decent and a lot more affordable version between the two.
On the image below I added just a tiny bit of Brow Wiz to add some length to my brows.
I also included swatches from other eyebrow products currently in my collection: Essence Make me Brow 01 Blondy Brows - Essence Eyebrow Designer in 05 Soft Blonde - Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil in Dark Blonde (*I made a typo on the image*) - Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe. I find the Brow Wiz to be the closest match for my natural color.
For the price I would certainly recommend you try this one out. While the shade selection isn't best I feel like it would still work for most people. Available online here.

What are some of your favourite brow products to use?

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  1. Ooo še dobro, da sem našla tvoj blog, ker že dolgo iščem primeren izdelek za obrvi. Imam svetle lase in res grozno izpade, če uporabim pretemen odtenek. Upam, da bo tudi meni ustrezal, jutri grem v nabavo.

    Super blog, btw :)

    1. Me veseli, da lahko komu pomagam. Sporoči, če ti bo ok :)