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Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Cheat

I've mentioned several times already that I've been on a hunt for the 'perfect' my lips but better lip liner for a while. I have two liners from Bourjois and Essence that come pretty close to my natural color, but their wear time is average at best. You're probably all familiar with Charlotte Tilbury and her make up line that was released in the past two years. Several of the items form her line are hyped up, somewhat also due to her clever marketing campains and made-ready looks she came up with. One of those products is also the 'Pillow Talk' Lip Cheat (lip pencil).

The product comes in a sleek dark burgundy brown packaging with a golden font. There's 1.2g of product which is about the standard amount in any lip pencil. The color really is perfect - if I use a light hand I can use it on the edge of my lips to give them some definition, because they are not very defined naturally and fade out unevenly. My preferred way of using it though, is all over my lips, which makes them appear fuller without making it too obvious I'm actually wearing something. I usually add just a touch of clear lip balm, so it feels more comfortable. 
The formula is very impressive as well. It is smooth, but not too creamy, which helps with longevity and staying power. It glides on the lips with ease and is well pigmented. Many products claiming to have a 12-hour or longer staying power never actually last that long on me. This one claims to have up to 7 hours of wear, and I can confirm that it stays on my lips up to 5 hours, which is very impressive to say the least (with drinking and snacking). The pencil needs to be sharpened and I get about 6 applications before the tip wears off. The formula itself doesn't feel drying, but if I don't add a lip balm, it starts to feel a bit uncomfortable after about 4 hours.
How it looks on my lips: Bare lips - Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk  Lip Cheat - CT Pillow Talk + Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in '54' Boy.
Comparison with other lip pencils:
Charlotte Tilbury 'Pillow Talk' Lip Cheat
Essence Lip Liner in '11 In the Nude'
This pencil is on the pricier side, but I find it works wonderfully so I don't mind. If you're on a hunt for a new lip liner and it's within your price range I would recommend you try it out. I would be very interested in trying some of the lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury (Stoned Rose looks gorge!) but ordering online sight unseen can be tricky, so I'll try to restrain myself.

You can get yours from Net-a-porter, Charlotte Tilbury's websiteSelfridges or Nordstrom.

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  1. Všeč mi je na tvojih ustnicah :) Zakaj vsi govorijo, da je Eastend Snob dupe za Pillow Talk, če na tvojih swatchih izgledata zelo drugačna? Mislim, da sem celo samo pri tebi dejansko videla primerjavo obeh. Tako malo ljudi dejansko dela uporabne swatche, še dobro da imamo tebe :D

    1. Meni tudi ni bilo jasno zakaj jih toliko ljudi označuje za dvojnika. :/ Sicer sta na ustnicah bolj podobna, ampak pri meni je razlika še vedno očitna (verjetno je pa odvisno tudi od pigmentacije ustnic). Me veseli, da komu pridejo prav primerjave, jaz jih tudi pogrešam pri veliko blogerjih.